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Your life force speaks to you, it says STOP! 

“Activate Quantum Energy. Awaken Soul to it’s highest frequency”

It invites you to recognise the potency of your power and how your energy is your highest conduit and connection to all you desire, it is the currency of your soul business success.

If you want to see what I have written and know how your energy is the catalyst to creating synergy, connection, alignment and flow in your world.

We all too often take our lives for granted, each borrowed breath with little conscious thought, and our direction, flow, can be pulled around into a whirlwind, with everything that impacts our physical, mental and spiritual being impacting its natural rhythm.

The moment you wake up, your personal frequency determines your thoughts, actions, and personal energy flow. This has a direct hit on how you feel, your thoughts and the impact they have on you and others. During the natural flow of the day, your very actions are determined by your thoughts, so dependent on the level of your personal frequency and the desire that ignites your soul, you will either achieve them or feel depleted and are likely to avoid or give up!

An example in life could be you decide to walk daily, feel good, your relationships feel good, you are optimistic about your future and have a positive impact on your day.

An example in your business could be you start your day after a walk, with creative energy and flow, and feel clear about what you are going to commit to. You even spare time for business development calls and sign up a new client without chasing them.

Now these could be a fluke, they are not based on the daily walk method btw!
But you get my drift, right?

Wake up after little sleep, or a shiZZY day… you will feel the difference.
You may feel sluggish, you may tend to be critical about your relationships and future!
In business you will only finish what is necessary, and those new opportunities may not flow to you with minimal effort!

I used to be a dressage rider, and the connection, seat, breath, energy with me, and my horse was giving the perfect dressage score, the divine connection between me a little 5’2 on an incredibly powerful 17’2 warmblood. The tiny movements, twists and turns that flowed, were magickal. It looked effortless and took all of me, and my horse to bring a performance that like in business just glided… That is how Energetic Frequency can be

“Open your Heart, Expand your Mind, Accelerate Soul Ascension” Kelly Vikings

Our soul’s unique energy has a part to play in this. For instance, as a Manifestor, you may think how the bazooka does Kelly do everything? Or you may see some of your friends and ask ‘do they ever stop’ or maybe you have a partner that questions everything, and it takes them 10 times longer to do anything…  This is down to our human design energetic design. Each of us has a specific profile that gives us clarity on how to really support our own soul essence and dependant on this positively impact our life, business, and spiritual path.

I love sharing these with my clients in Psychic Soul Business readings, you will be surprised at the reactions and how it goes on to support my clients create a healthy, positive transformation.

It is so much more; I see energy and have a gift of being able to work with my client’s energy. What I see is the impact on their business when they are truly in alignment and working in their potency, their highest energetic frequency. Equally when they are disconnected and energetically out of alignment, the opposite and how this impacts their flow, thoughts, work and personal lives.

Genuinely the difference between trusting and knowing, and it all coming to you and pushing, trying too hard, and feeling continually blocked, nothing comes in. We all have a sweet spot, an exquisite rhythm, beat, this is our Energetic Frequency and it’s unique to us all. I love it, seeing it all come together, and the huge powerful shifts when it does, it’s life changing for my clients.

It is why for me, it has always been about putting people first, you are the HEART of your business. When you work intuitively and protect your energy, everything in business flows seamlessly. Like Magick. Which is why I call it ‘inner alchemy’.

There are so many ways to encourage this, and I love working with other coaches to support my nervous system, energetic frequency, and soul’s unique energetic design. In fact, it won’t be long before I qualify as an energy practitioner, which excites me.

All throughout 2022, I held a sacred space and guided over 50 ladies in two of my programmes working on their energetic frequency. It was a journey of enlightenment and invoking Goddess Isis because my work would not be my own if it didn’t have the DIVINE threading through every part of it.

I am excited to be bringing a new event for 2023, called the Energetic Frequency.
Like my previous events it will take us on a journey over 6 live transmissions. I will be working on the energy centres within the body and creating energetic flow and releasing any blocks.

This is energy editing at its finest and what this means is that you will benefit from my programme in all aspects of your life, business, and spiritual journeys.

I haven’t launched officially yet, we begin on the 6th of February, just 2 weeks’ time.
I would love for you to join us and experience this beautiful journey.
For more details click here

One thing is for certain ENERGY – FREQUENCY – LIGHT they are the most valuable asset, gift, and commodity in your life, it is your LIFE FORCE. Never to be taken for granted, or abused, it’s your personal currency.

This year make it about you, your own energy, inner light and see your energy light up the world!
I hope to see you in the Energetic Frequency…

Love and Blessings Kelly xx


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