Remember who the fudge you are!

It’s time to claim your Femme Fire!!!


I don’t know who I am anymore?

Let me help you rediscover, to remember!


Have you ever thought…? Who the fudge am I?

Or maybe caught yourself in a ‘comfort or convenience loop’?

It’s easy to be busy, it’s easy to put others first, but I have news for you!!!


You see,  as soon as we were born into this world, there was a ‘purpose’ for our life.

Recall that small child, remember? Before anything touched your soul and life was free?

You woke up and innocently played, experienced great joy and time had no conscience…


Then we grew up, our parents, siblings, communities, T.V, schools programmed us, or tried too…

Then we left school and were programmed for further education or a job… TIME and CONTROL became part of our natural lives. We no longer lived through our hearts fully, only when we remembered to do the things our souls called us to do, to try to bring us back, or keep us on our path, our destiny….


Sadly, STUFF gets in the way, kids, pets, the gym, holidays, cars, the next SHINY thing!


Along this life path, we may lose a piece of ourselves, we may even forget who we are!


The first question I often ask my clients is WHO ARE YOU…

Who is your ‘I AM…’?

Genuinely what’s your initial answer?

What is your inner being calling out, what does the external world reflect?

Is it truth?

Are you living in alignment and feeling connected to the real essence of all you are?


I know this may seem an easy question, yet fundamentally, time again, I see women who are living to the outside world this incredible life, lifestyle, are beautiful, brave, and confident but have for what ever reason, suddenly woken up and realised they are not happy anymore, or there is something more for them… They’ve lost their way.


My signature programme Divine Alignment® is gorgeous therapy for your soul.

It’s all about remembering, connection, rediscovery and reclaiming your power! I see my clients working with me work on themselves and realise how disconnected they were and how much they shut off their heart, and even more sadly closed off their spiritual gifts.

As a mentor I find it the most honouring of roles as a teacher, to support women to really connect with who they are!


This always leads to so much clarity, confidence and reconnection to Femme Fire!

Why wouldn’t everyone want to align their internal, external worlds? Know what their future is driving them towards, and feel love, peace, abundance, and JOY in their world?

Living in alignment is a way of loving, living your life to its highest vibration.

It doesn’t stop there either, your self-love, relationships and even social networks all feel cleansed, and you are able to attract and remove what does and does not serve your energy.

PLUS, by really connecting with your heart, your soul, discovering who you are…

How can our vision be aligned to our Supreme Destiny if are not connected to our heart, our soul…?

If you’re an entrepreneur you will create ultra-clarity, aligned strategies, systems and processes that really support you to feel in flow, creating even more balance, freedom and harmony in your life and world!


But why? WHY?

Do so many people lose themselves, and allow for society, influences in their internal world, or just general ‘business’ that doesn’t allow them to STOP to really listen to their heart, soul and highest self?

It baffles me…

I genuinely thing sometimes it’s the unknown, or what’s easiest…

This is why when people view the spiritual world as ‘fluffy’ they have no idea!

BIG SHOUT out to the rising phoenix’s who are rising, stepping from beyond the shadows…

It takes great courage to heal, forgive, let go, set boundaries, cleanse, and purge your energy and discover your natural spiritual connection to self and embody your spiritual gifts.

I can assure you it is NOT all fluffy unicorns and crystals…

Although I do believe in unicorn energy and know how extremely high vibrational crystals are! It takes great courage and trust to experience spiritual atonement. Especially creating spiritual duality in our lives. Standing fully in our truth. Removing the fear and stepping into our highest vibration.

You see when you KNOW WHO YOU ARE you energise, you remember, you reclaim your power, and you vibrate at a beautiful unstoppable energy.


You attract all the goodness in your life and world.

Maybe this is that reminder you needed today?

Are you attuned to conscious living?

Feeling Divinely Aligned and in total flow, that inner child has returned, you are free, your world lights you up and you live through your heart!


Let’s all commit to conscious leadership and humanity RISING.

More to come next week on Unity Consciousness. Every heartbeat creates a gold-print of ascension and human evolution AS ONE.


Love & Blessings

Kelly Vikings xxx