a journey of self discovery

What to be ‘aware of’ when starting to build your online business! 

How do we hold ourselves to account and behave in a way that nurtures, and encourages equality, authenticity and respect?

In anything we do there is the good and bad. Ultimately, it’s why we’re here, in our lifetimes, to understand, learn and ultimately get better.


What’s taking the online business world towards a ‘lower vibe’ is the UGLY. 

The energy I wish to shift us all away from and protect us from.


In my view there’s always 2 sides to everything. I try to focus on the lessons, the good, and creating energetic alignment, shifting to good energy all the time. It doesn’t mean we can avoid it, but we can be conscious leaders and walk away from anything we don’t feel serves us or feels aligned.

In today’s blog I want to get you curiously thinking about;

– Speaking our Truth 

– Self-Awareness 

– Doing the Right Thing 

– Conscious Choices 

– Making Mistakes

– Becoming Untouchable 

– Our Highest Energy Field 

– The Aligned Way


Speaking our Truth

Shouldn’t we always be speaking truth?

It is easy for me to say, I have a defined throat chakra, gate 33, which is all about speaking our truths, I am a TRUTH SEEKER.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we did?

I’m not entirely certain everyone is aware or feels they can.

The online world is a place we show up, and how do we know who is speaking truth or hiding behind their keyboard and smoke screen?

Let’s talk about WHY? We want to maybe raise our views, and after all it is a free world. Shouldn’t we be able too? We often see other people share their stories to inspire other people, and for the most part I think this is good for our souls.

We may feel a calling to speak our truth.

It may be to protect others.

It may feel very personal or emotional.

It may take a lot of courage.

Be prepared to be open to other people’s opinions.

Equally be open in the online world to personal attack if you are debating a subject that can create triggers. The online world needs LOVE just like the offline, whether you are in person or not, kindness, respect and compassion costs nothing…



Literally this weekend, in Sunny Cornwall, the sun is shining, sat drinking a warm cup of chai in bliss… The coastline is glorious and ocean calm before me…. Within moments someone has blocked my view for a selfie, another person’s dog doesn’t stop barking behind me and two small toddlers leap over, and one has a huge paddy, right beside me.

Take what you want from this, I thought instantly ‘awareness’ but then with compassion felt I was fortunate to enjoy these views daily, so what… it’s just dogs, and I have had toddlers too!  It’s easy to get locked into the negative, or peacefully relax and make the best of what we have!

However, maybe a different version of me, would of huffed, tutted, asked the selfie team to jog on, made it clear to the dog owners after 10 mins how unfair they were, and hunted the parents down and asked them to look after their kids!

Two extremes, but our thoughts and our actions stem from our emotions and for the most part this is ‘general daily awareness’ not everyone has it in the real world, let alone online!


A NEW path, new way, new world… DOES NOT happen without change.

To create change we must open ourselves to being fully aware. 


Doing the Right Thing 

Life, external influences will always push and pull at us.

How other people show up, criticism or advice, often how we feel about what others think of us, all of it creates a pressure to behave in a certain way.

We know when we are doing what’s right or wrong. As conscious leaders we know what the right thing is to do, and how we can support our clients better.

I have seen ‘refer to the T&C’s’ as a standard complaint come back so many times.

When in reality we can decide as CEO’s how we care for our clients and support them, even in by raising our complaints standards.

As consumers things can change, and fast, especially in the evolution of our new world.

We must take responsibility for ourselves, and equally do what’s right.

Clear communication is very important. An understanding of how our ripple, does impact others and we must be wary of ‘victim mode’ because this is unhealthy and creates a wave of ill feeling, in the online world it travels fast.


Conscious Choices 

This is why we have the freedom, the space, the choices or opportunity to do what’s right. Giving ourselves time, space to do what’s right is so important. Not inflicting our internal traumas onto others. A healthy debate can be good, but not when it’s done with any hidden agenda or served from an unhealthy ego.

For the most part we do what we feel is right at the time, with the knowledge & resources we have. ‘Ignorance is bliss’ Healthier & Better choices are made the more we learn through personal experience. The more we see from different perspectives.

Becoming a conscious leader is about creating choices that elevate humanity.

Building an online business gives you far greater global reach. Ensuring you use this power with integrity and equality, freedom of speech for all of humanity.


Making Mistakes

We ALL make mistakes. Again, these are the lessons we are here to learn.

We may FAIL, this teaches us how to navigate, how to respond, how to speak up and how to do so to help benefit of all beings.

It’s not about how far we have risen, or how big our online audience is, or how long we have been in business. None of these things matter really. We can all make mistakes, fail ourselves, fail others, what’s evident is how we then MOVE FORWARDS and how we strive for better!

No one is invisible, less so online. So, let’s not POKE at people, or publicly shame. When I see this, I tend to remove those connections. I do not want their energy to impact mine, and I send love, and then move away… We weren’t there, how do we know? Again there are always two sides to everything, and often when someone publicly attacks, it says more about them than the person they are attacking.


Becoming Untouchable 

The more we work on ourselves and step into 5D new age, higher frequencies the more we become untouchable. Working with these gorgeous energies always sets us up for mindful, conscious growth;

– Forgiveness. 

– Self-love. 

– Setting healthy boundaries. 

– Listening to our deep intuition. 

– Cleansing our personal energy. 

– Self-Healing. 

– Radiating LOVE.

– Opening ourselves to abundance

Then we are in our highest frequency. Our soul is aligned and ALIVE!


Our Highest Energy Field 

The more we radiate higher frequencies the more we vibrate at a much higher level.

The more we ground ourselves and lead our life through soul expression.

We protect our energy though much inner and outer work we do.

Our spiritual growth takes us on a journey of enlightenment and soul expansion.

This is where we activate our supreme destiny. We also claim our Femme Fire!


The Aligned Way 

This is alignment.

The internal & external world meet in a powerful connection with our soul.

When you have deeper connection and vibrate with incredible heightened personal power you are Divinely Aligned and you can Navigate the online world and of course inner truth, external world more peacefully, joyfully in abundance and aligned!

It’s so difficult, I LIKE to focus on the good, the betterment of people.

I like to personally TRUST in the truth and give people space and opportunity to feel heard.

As leaders in ANY space, we must remember we have more than 2 eyes!

We also have ears, so many leaders fail to genuinely listen to their audience or clients.

I encourage we take personal responsibility and set healthy principles and boundaries.

I would also encourage we LISTEN & sometimes take space and time to respond in a way that feels fair. Encourages others to lead with integrity and improves standards in the online industry.

I would also like to encourage we don’t judge too quickly and take time to see both sides of any situation, even more so when online. It is so easy to emotionally interact, and that doesn’t always provide the best solutions or outcomes.


Kelly Vikings – Tuesday 10th May 2022