orb captured st nectans fall in cornwall. spiritual sacred experience.

What I saw at St Nectan’s Waterfall, Cornwall.

St Nectan’s Waterfall, Cornwall.

What’s to be expected at this enchanting world of St Nectans Glen?
How spiritual, sacred is this unspoilt, hidden, area of outstanding beauty in Cornwall?

I am sharing my own personal experience, which for the record is like ‘nothing’ else ever.
I live just over 6 miles away and have never felt so eternally connected with a location.

On Friday 23rd of September I visited this site for the second time, arriving before 09:00 am to enjoy a quiet almost private viewing.

The first time I had not walked down to admire the 60ft Waterfalls, merely enjoyed a coffee in the beautiful ‘Tree of Life Café’. I was hosting a retreat, joined by 4 other ladies, and we were all excited to venture down the steps to the falls.

I’m a psychic, spiritual soul. I work energetically with crystals, I’m a Divine Business mentor.

I’m used to ‘channelling’ having channelled my first book ‘Secrets of The Divine Business Code’ I’m always ‘sensing the invisible’ when working with my clients but NOTHING like this…!

I knew I was going to take my shoes off and step into the water and walk to the valley of the waterfall and stand and admire its beauty. 2 other ladies joined me. We stood for some time admiring the ENERGY that radiated from the falls, the Devonian slate and the kieve, cascading through the valley. I have to say it was super impressive.

I forget to take my camera, and for a few moments stood taking it all in. I felt bad for the ladies, as the host I should be taking some photo’s.

I walked back to the bench where my rucksack was and as I stepped past the steppingstones the flow of the water, the ENERGY bounced back, from the river towards me.

I took time to feel immersed in this water, it was high frequency, pure, and I felt its healing energy wash over, and through me. Reluctantly I took my time to fetch my camera and return to the kieve (basin) of the waterfalls. One of my retreaters was crying immensely and I just stood close sending her LOVE. I waited for her to collect herself before beginning to take photos of the falls.

What happened was I saw green aura appear at the top of the fall and captured this. I also felt the presence of spirits circling me and felt drawn to taking a video which captured the flow of orbs. This led to more incredible images of Orbs caught by my camera. Incredible, I even took one image of a lady on my retreat and her Highest Self energy, orbs circling her.

I was about to walk away, and just mesmerised by such incredible shots, having taken many elementals and light portals, rainbow eyes, before on walks on Bodmin Moor, in Boscastle Woods I was very happy to have caught these.

I stood and put my hands together to pray and bless this moment. What I saw next was captured solely in my mind, and I am uncertain if I will ever experience anything like it ever again…

An incredible light force, white entity, came towards me.

Mother Mary in white robe with pure, energy like what I experienced by the steppingstones.
She was immensely powerful.
I was blinded by her light and frequency, an incredible force of life.
If you could have experienced it, you too would have cried like I did.
I cried what felt like tears of past, present, and future and for humanity, or ancestors, all beings.

I opened my eyes, convinced she would disappear but for moments she stayed. Coming closer to me and looking directly into my soul. It was otherworldly. A spiritual cleansing, renewal and awakening all at once.

My own energy raised its frequency for some time, I could hear the tree’s walking back to the car park. I could see Faye (Fairies) and the whispering of the wind. It was truly enchanted, and I just wish it could have been this way forever, it is certainly an experience I will never forget and am unlikely to repeat ever again.

I will be returning again, soon. I would highly recommend a visit.

St Nectan’s, Cornwall is rich and full of incredibly spiritual, deeply enlightening places to be. There are certain places coming almost too commercial in the UK, and to me they have lost their energy, but Cornwall is full of unique spiritual portals and I am fortunate enough to live, walk, honour and experience them all.

I really wanted to share my experience & wander if anyone else has ever experienced similar? Especially at St Nectans? I spent some time researching, still unclear of what or who I connected with. Feeling very blessed and honoured by this incredible experience at St Nectan’s.

Feel free to connect with me & reach out to me. I would love to hear more. Thank you for taking time to read my BLOG – Divine Weekly News.

Love & Blessings to you all ~ K Vikings xxx