What happens when New Earth Leaders receive Spiritual Activation? 

Something is in the air this week, can you feel it?

Can you feel the rapid pace of change we are going through as human bodies of consciousness this week?
Certainly my own experience was to receive upgrades in the form of light codes, new symbols, a new level of psychic energies and symptoms of ascension flu such as all over body shivers.

In this blog we’ll look at two factors that shaped the week.
I’d love to know whether you’re experiencing similar effects so do feel free to pop into the group
New Earth Business Leaders and share what’s happening on your personal spiritual journey right now!

On Monday night I began the week by sharing one of the most deeply activating meditations I have ever channelled in my Goddess Isis Rising 10:10 group.  This channelling brought in the energy of Goddess Isis who is guiding the whole of this group energy through my channel, knowing that the activations will be perfect and divinely aligned for each one. This week also brought in the energy of Tantrika, goddess of sexual energy and kundalini awakening. 

The activations and experiences for the whole group were naturally entirely different based upon our own unique frequency and gifts, our next level purpose and what we are each supposed to see at this unique juncture on our journey of spiritual enlightenment and development.

This week’s energies feel even more powerful following the full moon eclipse in Taurus opposite Scorpio which occurred very close to the North and South Nodes, drawing the focus of our attention even closer towards the polarity of these two signs, as well as being under the emotional spotlight of the full moon.

As we now come to the concluding few days of Sun in Scorpio season, we are asked to let go of all we retrieved during our journey of deep excavation through our deepest psyche and every cell of our energy field, wherever that has taken us.

Burrowing deep beneath the surface just like the Scorpion we do the deep investigation work and then we are asked to release, called to let go – not to hang onto those old patterns we find there but to retrieve the treasures we find within our souls and bring them into a grounded place of safety and abundance, as Taurus North Node requests of us.

This is a time for us to focus on all that makes us feel prosperous, calling us to recognise our gifts of spiritual abundance, casting aside old energies, old self-limiting beliefs and patterns that have held us back, perhaps even for lifetimes! 

No one is saying this is easy work but if you’re reading my blog I believe that you will already have done a lot of healing work and there’s a great chance you are feeling the call to step up as a New Earth Business® Leader.

As we each come into new levels of awareness that affect us individually, we emit a beautiful radiant frequency that sends out ripples to all those to whom we are connected on the higher spiritual planes, through time and space.  This is why we are so often shifting together, as we each feel the delicate pull of the golden threads that bind us in perfect unison, unity and timing, like chords that call us to sing in choir our notes of perfect harmony for the dawning chorus of New Earth.

Here are a few snippets of feedback from members of my Goddess Isis activation group who have had upgrades this week:

“Wowser! Did this last night. Alta major and throat were off scales, sacral super hot and head did lots of figure 8s. Left hand took on life of its own as did right foot. I saw the cosmos, Isis gave me time scales, and saw lots of light codes above my head like musical notes. I saw Mary Magdalene tending to the sick.”

“I saw the building of Solomon’s temple and later realised the activation had brought in the erotic poems written by King Solomon in Song of Songs, connecting with Tantrika. I am finding synchronicities happen far more often and more quickly than ever before” 

One member of the group saw bright cobalt blue and transcended this plane altogether. 

Mary Magdalene has appeared to a number of group members in various forms during the week, confirming that deep protective presence of female ascended masters within the sanctuary temple of our sacred space. 

Sometimes we may come to realisations that blow our previously held beliefs away and replace them swiftly with new ones hence we feel “upgraded”, like new, as though the very cells of our body deeply transform and are reborn for a new age.

Whatever your personal processes for cleansing, as we move right to the end of Sun in Scorpio season we can imagine those deep waters have washed away previously held thoughts and ideas, running like a deep river that cleanses all aspects of your body’s many energy fields.

If you feel called to share your own experiences, do head over to our friendly and like-minded community where you can share your experiences and be held in safe space, knowing that we are all here to share our unique and individual frequency to light up New Earth!

Also this week I have personally been working with Arcturian Council, and was blessed to have a visit with Commander Ashtar and another star being as pictured in todays’ blog, along with many personal light codes that I am bringing to life in my brand elements. Watch this space… Feeling very honoured to hold this space for so many incredible souls and through my own experiences serve others to the highest benefit of all beings.

Love & Blessings beautiful souls, Kelly Vikings.