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Vibrate on your Personal Frequency of Prosperity Consciousness in 2023

Happy New Year 2023!

Maybe you are thinking about Prosperity as the year begins and how you might attract more prosperity into your life.

Language is wonderful, isn’t it? Words allow us to connect with the vibration and full meaning of a word in a way that helps us understand what it’s all about.  And yet the meaning of a word can be very different for us all.

As a New Earth Business Leader, you are likely feeling into how to draw more Prosperity into your life as we begin 2023.

How it feels to YOU when you vibrate on your personal frequency of Prosperity Consciousness and all the abundance that follows, making you feel great – and in return, allowing in more space to create from your inner well of creation.

I’d encourage you to deeply feel into the word Prosperity and to connect with all that it means to you, further drawing in aligned prosperity into your world.

Does prosperity mean financial wealth to you?  If so, do you have a figure in mind that would tip you over the edge of “Not-Prosperous” to “Prosperous”?

Or is it wider and more general than that?

Do you feel prosperous when you are grateful? 

When you are living in flow?  

When you are free to create?

When are you sharing your brightest gifts from a place of abundance – that place of having so much to share that your cup overflows and spills your golden light of abundance out onto others?

Perhaps abundance is the quality of your friendships – having people around you who you know have your back 100%, those who you can share anything with and there will be no negative repercussions.  People who will challenge you to grow in ways that feel right to you.

Do you feel prosperous in life when you step outside and breathe in nature?

When you explore and expand your personal and spiritual capacity, stepping ever more into purpose and path?

Or is it the freedom you have created in your working day to manage your time in ways that support your energy flow, leaving you refreshed, calm and content?

Perhaps it’s all these things and a thousand more besides – they are all are valid, after all, whatever rings true for you IS true!

Living in “Prosperity Consciousness” is often a key aim for my clients.

As your awareness and gifts evolve – and they often do when you are on a conscious spiritual journey, so your prosperity consciousness shifts up a gear too.  This is why I LOVE working with Human Design, Gene Keys and Numerology in my 1:1 client work as these frameworks always bring you back into your original true divine self, whatever stage of your journey.

The deep dive into self, embodying your own true divine nature, will ALWAYS lead you to show up in your true vibration, naturally attracting greater prosperity into your life.

I tried to sum up Prosperity Consciousness in one phrase and this is what came up:

Vibrating on the unshakeable frequency of your soul’s true essence.