Understanding 2023 through Numerology & Neptune

2023 adds up to the Universal year 7 meaning that spirituality and sensitive awakening will be on the agenda for us all this year.

The 7 is a wonderfully sensitive number that allows us to gently and lovingly lift the veils that have covered our seeing and knowing during our life, and as we lift those veils we are able to “see beyond” knowing that we are all one and that the higher purpose is for us to connect as one loving enormous soul.

To love – and then to love more, especially when we don’t want to.

Cosmically this vibration connects with the planet Neptune, which is known as the higher octave of Venus, helping us to transcend the love we have for ourselves and our close loved ones and to bring “love” to newer, higher dimensional levels.

We begin to see the interconnectedness of all things – to love other people, animals, all aspect of nature.

This year you may find yourself awakening to new depths of love for any of these living worlds.

The god of the seas, Neptune, helps us view the potential of Neptune through the metaphor of the ocean. Let’s see what he has to say about how we can use Neptune’s energy to review our spiritual gifts and sacred service work.

As we swim together in the ocean of life, we know that others are on their own journeys in the same ocean.

Just as some may be bobbing along the surface in their pretty sail boat feeling jolly and bright, yet others are plunging the depths, deep diving the traumas of their own psyches and plummeting to the cold depths of the ocean in their world.

 Those on the surface may choose to ignore those at the depths.

Some people may feel they are being bashed against the rocks of life by battering waves, as though their entire life has been a red sign flashing “Danger! Heavy seas!” and they don’t know how to get off this particular cycle. If only they could take a break and paddle in the turquoise tropical seas for a while.  Who can help them? 

Some may be standing on the sidelines, holding back, scared to take the plunge at all – after all, isn’t the ocean – and life – so very vast?!

As we swim together, we merge, submerge and weave in and out of each other.  Connecting, rejecting. Seeing, or not seeing each other. Loving, or not loving each other.

If you are reading this blog you are likely a very spiritual gifted being. You are being called this year to assess how big is your own vastness? How large is your capacity for love? How expansive can you now be as more people awaken to the vastness of All That Is?

Would you join another on their journey? Do you have the skills to help another to navigate rough seas? Are you here to guide others away from the sharks?

Look around you.  Who is sinking or drowning?  Do you have the gifts to help them?

Are you the person who helps another navigate the deep dark waters?

Are you the one with the breathing techniques and excellent navigation tools?

Or are you the person helping others to swim effortlessly regardless of conditions?

Are you a healer who uses water imagery in your work?

Look around.  You may see people building the biggest shiniest ships to steer everyone to a bright new world.  Be mindful of the Titanic story – biggest and fastest is not always best. Not if your objective is to dive for the most prized pearl.

Can you use these metaphor given by the god of the seas to help you understand the role you will play this year?

As more people awaken, you may find yourself entering a role of steering and providing tools that help others to navigate the waters of their own journey.

This year we will be called into understanding that we are all at various points of merging and submerging. Can we reach out a hand and help those in need? Those scared to dive in? Those who have been at the bottom of the ocean searching in the dark for too long? 

Who do you have the skills and tools to help?  Can we reach out a hand and pull another up from their depths of despair?

Can we find a way to swim, plunge, bob around, deep dive, breathe again – and can we do this together, with love and respect for all parts of the journey?