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The Power of Duality ~ Everything is Possible

EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.. When you open your heart & expand your mind to a NEW way of being.

Working in balance, harmony & divine flow, a gentler, divine feminine way of living our lives, embodying our spiritual gifts, and of course building our own business.


“Open your heart & expand your mind

Accelerate soul ascension

Manifest a NEW reality. “ K Vikings


Everything is possible, the balance of Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine. The harmony of both.  The joy and fulfilment from blissfully enjoying a wonderful life. The energetic dynamics of building a business, that speaks through your heart, whilst bringing your innate spiritual gifts to the world. The flow of how miraculous and divine this feels, as your embodying duality, your souls calling, your divine destiny, all what life demands from you.


“Do not conform to old ways. A new world, a new paradigm is evolving.

The awakening of Consciousness is the next step for Humanity. “ K Vikings


How we do this is by activating our connection to our deepest desires.

We claim our birth right, freedom of sovereignty. Expression and speech.

Awaken our highest consciousness. Reclaiming our feminine crowns and inviting the masculine energies in to support us with our soul inspired actions.

We align our lives, consciously shift from old ways to new ways, creating a new world.

We speak of our collective gifts, spiritually we do not hide, we unite and celebrate each other’s connection to source, however this may be. Awakening the conscious connection to Mother Earth, divine source, and cosmic, multi-dimensional planets and beings.


This shift of active evolution has been and is activating through our planet’s frequency, evolution and ascension throughout all beings, all dimensions, time and space.


We have all experienced frequency shifts, within our highest consciousness and some are awakened to this and others not. The path is fluid. With these activations we are being prepared for a New World. One which will seem unlike where we are today.


As our bodies experience ascension symptoms, we become aware of our innate gifts and collectively we recall the light language and codes of LOVE. We also feel pulled between the old ways and the one’s in which we are embodying and surrendering too.

I too have experienced this, to great levels. It can feel brutal. I felt I had to detoxify my energy field and cleanse my aura, chakras and really connect even deeper than ever before with my peace, feeling even greater desire for removal of 3D toxicity and energetics that no longer aligned or served.

You may have experienced this? Like a big mirror shining into your soul, cleansing, clearing, and creating space for balance, harmony & divine alignment. This is where the kick ass WARRIOR comes in…!


It has an impact on our inner worlds, our closest, our energy levels, our creativity and productivity in business.


Our vision and ‘old’ beliefs. We are not the same!


It is stepping out of the darkness and into the phoenix of beautiful golden light.

OR if you’re like me your ‘red wings of phoenix’ cascade, fly higher than ever before!


It is why I support spiritual entrepreneurs, female business owners who feel there is a different way.


I create a powerful energetic shift for themselves, totally life changing and cyclical, teaching women how to rebuild from their soul, their world through their hearts.


Creating duality in their lives and business by claiming their feminine power, clearing their energy field, vibrating at their highest frequency, and building their business The Aligned Way.

It’s so important to feel the release, surrender of old ways and truly be aligned with all you are. Every aspect of your being, surrendering, rising, dancing, with the women you are!


I support women just like you to realise your wildest of desires and ambitions, by claiming your divine ultimate power, connecting deeply to your inner warrior and creating, living a life in alignment, building a successful, soul led Business the Aligned way!


THIS CREATES a duality of gentler, divine feminine way of living our lives, embodying our spiritual gifts, and of course building our own business.


Activating the rising sun within us all.


I wanted to share how it creates an impact in ourselves, our worlds and you are not alone. If you are reading this, you can give yourself permission to be unapologetically, gracefully you. Sharing ALL your being, and the person you are learning to become.

Love & Blessings

Kelly Vikings xx