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Kind words

" I discovered a deeper sense of purpose

I had never heard of Human Design or Gene Keys, so I thought it would be fun to explore in more detail with Kelly. I have enjoyed learning more about myself through profilers such as Myers Briggs - as it gives you some perspective on personality traits, your strengths & weaknesses - but what I found in my session with Kelly, was a deeper understanding of my sense of purpose and energetic circuitry. Kelly has a wonderful ability to translate what is a complex (and often daunting) subject in a way which is relatable, enlightening, and fun. There's nothing too heavy. The focus is very much on getting to know ourselves in a new way, where we are able to unlock our full potential "

Rachael Hall

I recommend everyone have Kelly support them strategically

Kelly enabled me to have a clear strategy for my business, guiding with her knowledge through the steps we prioritised. Recognising when I needed some clarity and a plan (I am a planner) but not overwhelming me with too much to do.

I would never of thought of a Podcast but we did it and I am so happy we did.

She becomes part of your team and I would recommend anyone have her by their side when looking at strategy and moving their business forward to the next level 

Stephanie lee

Supported from all angles, my session activated NEW Ideas

I didn't know what to expect with the reading as I've never dabbled in Numerology or Gene Keys. I went in open minded, keen to learn. 90 mins flew by, I left with so much food for thought, lots of ideas sparking and a lot of insights. One of the biggest things for me, was Kelly pointing out my strengths and saying these don't come naturally for everyone. It sparked an idea for a new offer, and made me realise I should talk about my natural essence more on my sales pages. I also loved finding out my numbers my personal year and personal months. Knowing that if I sold in December, it would be a fortuitous month, that lit a fire within me! I loved the various approaches Kelly brought together because it made me feel like my business was being guided and supported from all angles. Thank you Kelly 

Dina Grishin

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Claire Winter

Naomi Victoria

My business has completely transformed

Kelly is there to support your journey of developing you and your business. She brings clarity, fire and ambition that is contagious to work with that gets results. I now have clarity in my business and an energetic roadmap to follow.

Kelly is amazing to work with, gives you a powerful energetic insight into the soul of your business.  I feel that Kelly connects with you at an energetic level, that allows you to share your vision, giving you clarity and ongoing support to implement all your NEW strategies. My experience was totally unique. My business has completely changed in the last 6 months since working with Kelly "

Jo Crowell

I feel much more able to plan for my future

I booked on with Kelly without hesitation. I have had sessions like this before, but not with the Gene Keys and that really interested me. I loved learning more about how I can serve without depleting myself. This reading showed me how. It was spot-on for what I can see I do now and how to change things for the better. I feel much more able to plan for the future with a toolkit of advice of how I can better succeed. The experience was definitely personal to me and encompassed how I can better take care of myself and my business growth in the future "

Trudy Simmons

It was perfect, just not enough time

The experience of having Kelly do a reading is truly amazing. Safe space, I felt heard and enormous depth of soul. My big aha is to truly learn to trust myself. Kelly allowed me to really understand who I am at a soul level whilst still being human, to have balance and of course a good sense of humour! Kelly understood me at a level that most people don’t see, this felt liberating and helped me to realise that I am not nuts x This woman holds a very special place in my heart "

Tracy Frost

Juanita Duke

Tiffany Babington

I have worked with Kelly for over 3 years now

Kelly goes beyond competency, offering advice and guidance based on REAL experience, understanding the challenges you face as a business.

I also achieved an increase in confidence, she encouraged me to really tap into ‘self’  & the realisation that the strongest factor for success is self-esteem, believing you deserve it & you’re get it with real work, commitment & focus. I would not hesitate to work with Kelly - a truly heart centred leader who ALWAYS goes that extra mile for her clients

chantelle walmsley

Viking Energy, Fierce commitment & Magickal abilities

When I first met Kelly, I was drawn to her warmth and nurturing energy. She has a positive, fun, gentle yet persistent and unyielding, inspiring energy that keeps pushing you forward and keeps you from falling off the track. Her experience means that she's seen most of it all before and knows exactly how to guide you from a strategy, mindset, and soul perspective

katy murray

Step by Step ~ Kelly's guiding me every Step of the Way

Working with Kelly is a joy, much laughter and connection, she has a kindness and warmth that reaches you and a sense of safety and care that's rare. I had been struggling with how I wanted to position myself in the coaching world, what sat with me emotionally and in alignment with the woman I'm becoming, post trauma.

Kelly has brought all aspects of my business into alignment. I'm really grateful to Kelly for helping me tap into my more spiritual side, learning that it’s okay for me to be unique in every way!

heidi burns