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Light Codes, Raising our Frequency

Many people who are awakening to a New Earth a Higher Frequency are aware of what light codes are, but I realised not everyone is aware and so I wrote this blog to raise our awareness. We all have our own unique soul, spiritual and life journeys. Each of us no matter where we are…

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Remember who the fudge you are!

It’s time to claim your Femme Fire!!!   I don’t know who I am anymore? Let me help you rediscover, to remember!   Have you ever thought…? Who the fudge am I? Or maybe caught yourself in a ‘comfort or convenience loop’? It’s easy to be busy, it’s easy to put others first, but I…

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Being open to a life without FEAR or LACK…

Being open to a life without FEAR or LACK, is knowing when to ask for help and guidance, and TRUSTING in the today, now!   So much can change in 2 weeks, that’s for sure!!! Take this as a reminder that you may feel your entire world spin, and like you are about to sink…

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When Patterns are broken… New Worlds emerge

As we step into February 2022 Can you feel a calling, a deeper pull within your heart and mind’s eye to assist humanity and influence earths calling… I have felt this more than ever as we hit a 2 month, February. This is without a doubt going to be a month of heightened sensitivity and…

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