Full Moon Rituals

Super Moon – Full Moon Rituals to Supercharge your Life!

This is a channelled message, still potent from the 8:8 Infinite portal of Heightened Power & Personal Sovereignty. Along with some wonderful tips for this gorgeous Super Moon and how you can captivate and harness your energy.

Super Full Moon in Aquarius
Rebellious – Formidable – Sharp

We may have felt a huge pull on our emotions leading up to today’s Full Moon.
Life can have felt unpredictable and erratic.

This Full Moon is all about saying ‘Fuck It’ and ‘Letting it BE’
Listening to what TRULY matters to you & JFDI
If you haven’t adapted and let go fully, trusting in self…

The MIND would have been having some serious Head F^cks and played witchy trickery.
Mysterious and playful you are being called to listen deep within and let the ‘INNER CHILD’ be curious, playful & rebellious.

THE energetic ripples individually, also as a collective, humanity is evolving.
The spiritual gifts are heightening and our individual sovereignty, collective freedom is calling us to heighten our vibration, like never before.

To step away, out of the constructs of ‘normality’ because we don’t have to TUNE into the Matrix, and what if we didn’t… What then? We would without a doubt lift our own vibration, and that of our planet.

In conjunction with Saturn, we also have some bad ass Kali truths being shown to us. She is like the Wise Mamma Bear, revealing more layers to cut away, to lighten our path, and step into balance, alignment and flow. There is no Merlin’s Cave to hide away from the TRUTH of what is revealing itself to you. You must make those uncertain choices, or she will deliver an almighty HUGE catalyst for you to WAKE UP….

With conjunction of Uranus, we also experience the unpredictable wrath of her call to expect the unexpected. Again, seeking those who are stepping into fifth dimensional energies and seeing who really is LOVING, HONOURING and TRUSTING their souls purpose, guided through Navel soul alignment.

We have a window of opportunity to step away from the shadows, and strengthen our energy, also to remove ancestral Karma, and reset, rebalance our internal DNA structure and Nervous system. If you have suffered illnesses, many of you will feel a rise of energy and if you step into a powerful pause, conserve, you can get ahead and recalibrate a more permanent inner peace. It’s life changing.

BIG Shifts, planetary SHIFTS and MOVEMENTS and often the quieter voice being called to stand forth and bellow their Earth Angel wings to deliver a potent message universally.

This is doing the unexpected, maybe something unpredictable, and stepping into the unknown. To truly experience the beautiful gifts that are calling to be released to the world.

Your entire VISION for what your life and our planets future is shifting, and faster than ever before with the removal of time, and manmade constructs of power to hold us down.
We are aware, consciously choosing to make better choices for ourselves and each other. A journey of togetherness, with meaning and powerful exchanges of great kindness and unconditional love and compassion.

FULL MOON rituals

DANCE, DRUM, Get into Nature.

Feel Mother Earth call to you. Lay on the ground, even facing the ground heart to heart. Take time to breath and connect with Mother Earth as she too is super charging from this glorious Super Moon.

To create a powerful Crystal Energy Grid.

Using your crystals and their unique energies to super charge an intention of surrender, release, or letting go. You may also like to consider picking wildflowers, using feathers, or even shells anything discovered in nature as a gift to honour your powerful activation of self-honouring.

To take time to Journal.

Presence is your power. Notice what emotions come up as you reflect over the past 2 weeks? What are the biggest lessons? What changes are demanded and how will you commit to them?

Write down anything you wish to remove from your life and set the intention to do so in the next 2-week cycle of the moon, then if you like place this under your grid and maybe even burn under the moonlight.

CHARGE your crystals.

Take time to place your crystals on the windowsills or outside if safe.
Let them sit in the GLOW of this gorgeous moon and enjoy a cleansing, of any energies stuck, and activation to charge their superpowers.

Magick – Miracles – Divine Alignment® Everyday!
Yep, this is the bit where you literally go ALL IN and step into your truth.

Create your own slice of Magick and believe anything is possible.
Aligning your life, business, and spiritual beliefs into whatever you wish for.
This is about making anything possible for you, setting your intention.

Whatever you do from the above Crystals, Sage, Smoke, Drumming, Nature, even Moon Water do it your way! Whatever you feel called to do!

Be rebellious, chase your miracles and surge from this potency of the Full Moon to make them HAPPEN!

Limitless Love & Blessings Kelly xxx