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Collective Spiritual Awakening with Prince Harry, the Line of Power…

Staying silent is NEVER going to make things better…

Recently in Prince Harry’s 60 minute interview with the ITV, about his new book, ‘Spare’, he said “I don’t know how staying silent is ever going to make things better” and this struck a deep personal chord with me.

Silence doesn’t make things better and it can hurt deeply.

I asked Rachel Maria Bell to write an intuitive blog exploring the interplay and dynamics of energies occurring around Harry’s story, and their place in the context of our collective awakening.

Rachel writes: The Ripple effect of sharing truth. 

When one person unravels their truth and speaks it, it vibrates at a specific frequency, creating a ripple effect of permission for others to speak their truth.  Truth, whilst subjective, comes from a place of “personal impact truly felt” and when we hear this expressed, we feel it and it deepens our compassion and love for others. Those who speak their truth act as wayshowers, a guiding light for others to be able to do the same.

We can think of Prince Harry as one such wayshower who has made a conscious choice to pursue his journey of self-discovery, unravel his unresolved traumas and speak his associated truths.  Such as having to handle his mother’s sudden death in the limelight as a child, shaking the hands of the public who were free to grieve whilst he was expected to smile along and maintain a stiff upper lip.

Never explain, never complain.

Harry speaks of the Royal Family’s old routine of “Never explain, never complain”.  Repressed emotions like this without expression can so easily turn inwards to depression.

Ask no questions. Execute orders. Stay in line.  Heavens, it sounds like the energetic equivalent of living your life as a Stormtrooper – always on duty.

Harry is now exploding these old ways of conditioning and revealing the healing requirements for the rest of his family.  There is hope, since Prince William is Sun in Cancer, with a family focus, and I stop to wonder how the recent full moon landed with him as his brother’s book came to light with all its family stories.

Since humans are hard wired for healing together with our tribe, once a person wants to share their truth, they need someone else to hold space for that – and to listen empathically.

Holding space and truly listening 

When a person is unable to handle or hold another’s truth, a repression or reaction occurs: a shutting down, a silencing.  It may even turn sour, such as name-calling to discredit the truth teller.

When a person we love cannot hold our truth when we express it, that causes deep pain.  We are further injured by the lack of empathic witnessing, listening and acknowledgement from the people who are meant to protect and care for us the most.

There are many reasons for not being able to hear another’s truth – personal triggers, ego conflicts, power plays, unresolved traumas, feeing trapped, and these can be conscious or unconscious.

This is where Prince Harry is currently at.  Having removed himself from the Institution, he commentates from the side-lines, telling us of his sadness that his family members who he loves dearly – and who love him – are unable to hold his truth.  He says “the door is always open” revealing his hopes for resolution, as he plays the waiting game.  After all, no one can rush the journey of another or force them into acceptance. 

So who CAN hold Harry’s truth?

Can the British Press hold Harry’s truth?

Not likely.  Harry has exposed the British Press formally putting them opposing sides.  And what truth is at the heart of the Press?  “We intrude on the privacy of our fellow human beings. We disregard their feelings and right to privacy.  We create negative mass brainwashing in the collective to make money.”

Of course that truth is veiled from the public.  Harry says “No institution is immune to accountability and responsibility” yet sadly the Press seems to be.  Since the Press is nowhere near admitting their truth; naturally they hate Harry when he expresses his.  They have fallen into the classic tactic used by abusers: name calling to discredit the sanity of the victim.  “He’s gone crazy!” the Headlines holler.

Can the Royal Family hold Harry’s truth?

No doubt over the years we have seen a deep and loving bond between Harry, his brother and father expressed in many authentic ways.  But right now, it’s stalemate.  Harry has forced the issue into the open, but other players are not at the same stage of the journey.

With the Antagonist as the British Press then we must consider the liberty of the Royal Family to acknowledge the abuses Harry and Meghan have suffered.  If they stand by Harry, what implications does this have for their relationship with the press?  

This is further complicated by the possibility of some people within the Royal Family also appear to be more loyal to the press than to Harry.  That brings up complicated questions around power plays, freedom and loyalty that each must unravel for themselves.

King Charles III and Prince William are leaders – but what actual power do they hold?  What freedom and privacy do they have?  Are they sovereign in their own right or do other forces control their lives?  Are they free to act as they would like as a father and brother?

Pluto’s Power Plays

Pluto always connects us with power plays and control. Capricorn connects us with institutions, structures, systems and leadership.  As Pluto makes its final slow moves through Capricorn, we are going to see many power plays emerge and be seen in the light.

Valid questions to be asked:

  • If the Institution of the Monarchy turned against the British Press, what would happen to the Monarchy?
  • If the British public turned its back on the British Press, what would happen to the Press?
  • And to what extent are the British public in favour of the Monarchy and how much does the Monarchy need the public? 

It’s a delicate dance and hard to tell whether Britain is playing out the slowest ever alternative ending to the French Revolution (on a soul level – “let’s see how this pans out without the guillotine”) or whether the revolution can come from within the Royal Family itself.

Can the Royal Family reinvent themselves?  Who holds the power of transformation?  Who will cause the revolution and what will it look like?  These are deep and powerful questions to calls each being out from their reverie of powerlessness and asks them to unravel their conditioning.  Or by their silence, reveals where they are stuck.

Can the public hold Harry’s truth?

Harry and Meghan sure hope so. The public – made up of individuals – you and me – hold way more power and freedom than we have been led to believe.  So what can we do?  Well it’s doubtful that any of the Royal Family are feeling very empowered or held safe right now.  Can you hold them in love?  Without taking sides, can you set the intention for family healing and resolution and detach from timescales and outcomes?

Can you choose to hold the entire situation surrounding Harry in a place of loving compassion? If not, what is that bringing up? Can you be mindful of where you are scathing or making jokes? Even joking about “off with their heads” is hardly funny at all when you consider their bloodline ancestral healing.

We can make conscious empowered choices about the news we consume.  About the language we use. About the empathy and love we bestow upon another human being.  We can work on our own emotional healing.  We can seek safe places to share our truths and choose to hold others in theirs even where they hold opposing viewpoints.

We can speak our own truths and support Harry and Meghan as they choose to speak theirs.

We can acknowledge that healing and transformation is a messy imperfect process for every one of us – and that includes the Royal Family.  Just imagine the absolute Masterclass they could deliver in spiritual awakening, family healing and ancestral healing!  At Home with the Windsors.

Whoever makes the next move, the path ahead is going to take deep courage and fearlessness.  This feels very much like a collective healing and revolution with the public not as bystanders but key players.  We have to move beyond separation.  This is not “them and us”.  We walk together.

Each one of us deserves to be held in love and compassion as we walk the path of unbinding from the old ways, forging new pathways of sovereignty.

I think back to 1997, of those little boys walking behind their mother’s cortège. And I want them to know, we’re right behind you now.  We have got your back.  You don’t have to walk alone anymore.

I would LOVE to hear what your reflections are following today’s blog? Are you a wayshower, a spiritual leader? Someone who works deeply on their soul and aspires to bring positive collective change?

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