Stand United, Peace & Love in War…

Standing in Unity

Leading with Love

The most powerful thing is   #LOVE

Choose LOVE, PEACE, HEALING over fear


It really is an uncertain world we live in

Inside… how we feel internally, how some days we feel stronger

than others and yet sometimes we ‘just’ can’t shift this pain,

the hurt, the energies that wash through us.


As human beings we are so resilient,

tiny babies, children fighting for their lives,

mums fighting for their safety, fathers fighting to protect us.



This is why leading with LOVE & PEACE is so important.

No one knows where we are in life, what we are facing, or battling.

We know life is no guarantee, and it’s what we do in this lifetime that matters today.

Everyone tries their best, humanity is, for the most part, a beautiful race.

In these uncertain times, Covid, War, Climate, Economic…

If we try to begin with ourselves, we will serve from a better place for everyone.


A reminder, to begin with your heart, your soul, your health… YOU! 

Take care of yourself, be gentle and be kind.

DO only do what serves you. Don’t feel bad for saying NO, not today.


Protect your energy. 

Time to step up and take responsibility.

Do take time for self-care, do walk in nature, do enjoy time friend and family.


Aligned Action Daily. 

It’s ok also to ensure you step into your Divine Feminine Energy and ONLY do what feels aligned to you. This is so important to you.




Have KEY focus daily.

Maybe set a maximum of 3 things to do!
Smaller but more focussed powerful steps.
Again working in divine flow and alignment.


Try to NOT let other things or other views distract you.

YES, you may do what feels right for you today, tomorrow, a lifetime of doing what feels balanced and right for you, your clients, your business, company.


Set Non – Negotiables. 

What could self-sabotage you, get in your way?
What are you going to be aware and conscious of?
To ensure you KEEP focussed, motivated and on track?

I promise being in Nature saved my life!

If I didn’t go outside every day connecting with Nature,

Wild Mother Earth, I would not be here today…


What is yours?


Finally, BELIEVE in yourself.


You are more beautiful, loveable, powerful than you even realise.

Take even more TIME for you! 


Remember the beauty of life, and anchor your divine soul calling, let yourself be guided intuitively and give your soul permission to transition in these extraordinary times, see beneath the veil what is possible, stepping out of the dark and into the lightness.


Love, Peace, Healing & Light

Kelly xxx