ALAKOA – Awaken The Warrior Within

Are you a Warrior of Light? Is your Purpose Impact Driven? 
Are you a Mystic, Intuitive, NEW Earth Business Leader?

It’s time to remember, explore, develop and deepen your soul’s gifts.
Awaken your Inner Warrior. Expand Pathways.
Receive Galactic Attunement and Cellular Activations.

I’m so pleased you found me and my Warrior guides.

The ALAKOA journey begins on Monday 27th February 2023, this initiation expands over 8 weeks. Six LIVE transmissions. Plus a 7th bonus recording for NEW Earth Business Warriors to enjoy.

£222 plus a cheeky 10% off if you pay in full, click here to join us.

Our lives start @19:30 GMT and are 60-90 mins, including time after to reflect on our collective experiences.

I will host a private FB Community, a beautiful sacred space to connect and share our collective experiences and upgrades as we journey together.

All LIVES are recorded, uploaded to a personal portal within 48 hrs, for you to receive energy into your Matrix at anytime.

Look forward to seeing you soon Light Warrior xxx