3 Celestial of Dandelion, sun, moon and stars

Remembering The Joy & Delight in Every Moment of Life

Be careful what you wish for….?

Life can be but a passing if we choose to ignore the beauty in every heartbeat, within the expansion of our minds, the wonders of the word, we can pause, to open our eyes to see a beauty within every moment, as we dance with the rhythm of life.

I am thinking about how Dandelions draw us to open our minds.

Having 3 celestial bodies – The Sun, Moon & Stars.
In their ‘yellow state’ the goddess of the sun.
In their whimsical state as a puffball they represent the goddess of the Moon.
In their mesmerising journey as seeds dispersing, they’re the stars above and beyond.

Drawing us to make a wish, calling in an abundance of strength, healing, and peace.
They really are beautiful flowers, an omen of fortune and luck.

Overcomplicating our lives, we lose our world to outer logic.
We are being called to respond to the echo of our heart.
Opening our heart, like a blooming peony, bursting in our internal glory with grace.
Trusting in a flow, quiet enjoyment and sweetness that radiates love & oneness.

Often, we only believe when we see it.

Failing to trust in the magnificence of the universe.
We are being called to override the lower vibrational energies; frequencies ruled by the darkness.
Stepping into a NEW earth and high vibration, frequency.

Trusting in a NEW earth as it emerges, a returning of energy, life, love, and lightness.

We will no longer look for quick wins, be guided by power, self-righteousness, or material power.
We will remember life is a passing. We are here to learn lessons.
That energy is equal, and we are all but energetic beings.
We are remembering this, and that LOVE is what expands our hearts to the joys of life.

The universe responds to our energy. Casting seeds of delight in every gift it delivers.

When we open our hearts, vibrate at our truest expression, we paint a picture of a NEW world. Celebrating each given moment and opening to receiving, as the universe is ever expanding and giving.

We are content in our truth.
We experience real peace & joy.
We are gentle with ourselves and others.
Trusting in Divine and remembering our Divine gifts.

Seeing with three eyes, we connect to higher realms, multi-dimensions, and higher dimensional beings.
We trust to look beyond what we can see, for there is so much beauty to see.

We take time to sit and meditate under the tree’s, listening to Mother Earths heartbeat.
Feeling the wings of the birds and listening to their chorus.
Looking up to the blue skies above, the sun shining on our open crown, a thousand golden petals.

The liberation and oneness we have pleasure in experiencing in our lifetimes.
To experience every thingness and nothingness, a oneness, peace, alignment within.
All new moments in new earth, as we see the magic unfold for us.
Liberated by freedom, guided by our wishes and miracles gifted to us.

Painting a new world, felt, ruled, experienced through our heart, with unconditional love, pureness, and timeless beauty.
Allow your heart and soul to be enlightened.
LOVE is the answer to immeasurable happiness.

Dancing Femme Fire, giver of life, bringer of light, nurturer of warmth, sorceress of Magick.

Allow it to come into sacred union.
It truly is magick.
Your ability to receive miracles and experience the beauty in each moment.

For you are not a weed, a dandelion is a butterfly’s nectar.
Creator of life and ONENESS.
Beauty surrounds us, when we open our eyes to seeing, receiving it.

Love to you beautiful soul, let this open your heart to receiving more love, and the beauty in each moment as you pause under the trees, with the stars up above, reminding you of your significance of Divine ONENESS.

Love & Light

Kelly Vikings

Image – Claire Winter close friend founder of Awaken The Creatrix, my space to channel my blogs weekly.


Channelled 27.05.2022
© 2022 Kelly Vikings