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Welcome back... to the second season of my podcast show! This time 'Soul Business Success' with sponsors Tim Whild & Marina Beech.

This show is for spiritual entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives who have an urgent desire to work from soul, and to connect at a higher level.

Those who want to merge the divine, with proven strategies that turn ideas into a reality, creating a business that’s aligned, in flow and creates impact that goes beyond themselves.

It’s time to reclaim your soul’s highest frequency, integrate your Divine gifts, to evolve and expand your business in Divine Alignment® without overwhelm, or limitations as you design a balanced lifestyle, soul-aligned business that makes a positive change to the world!

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My Latest Episode

Kelly shares why designing an online business, is such an incredible opportunity to grow self, and your business whilst raising your personal vibration and that of those you serve.

1 – Let’s talk Money
2 – Freedom, Flexibility & Convenience
3 – Connections & Alignment
4 – Lower Overheads
5 – Access to a GLOBAL market

A great reminder for the potentiality of your online business and some of the things to be incredibly grateful for that can get overlooked! 

My Previous Episode

Kelly shares exactly why SPIRITUALITY is one of the 3 essential ingredients that activate Soul Business Success.

1 – Authenticity & Connection
2 – Divine Gifts, Deep Profound Meaning & Purpose
3 – High Vibrational Energy
4 – NEW World, Golden Age
5 – Energy is EVERYTHING… ‘The fabric of THE Universe’

Learn how incredibly profound this is for all aspects of your health, life, and wealth, with the benefit to creating transformational impact and a lasting legacy.

Every episode begins... with a card from The Akashic Oracle card deck, created by my gorgeous sponsor Marina Beech, the Soul Alchemist.


Oracle Cards

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