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The Aligned Way

The Aligned Way is a podcast show talking about all things Life, Business & Spiritual.
Bringing it together with Divine Feminine energy, gentle, balanced, harmonious and in exquisite flow. Kelly took her show to #5, in the Apple, podcast charts, G.B Entrepreneurship - Incredible!

Ascending at our highest frequency, consciously creating a new paradigm, painting a new world.

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Our Latest Episode

Keep your SHIZ together! When it all gets too much, in the HEAT!

Alignment is definitely NOT plain sailing and drinking margaritas at sunset!

What to do when ‘Other people’s STUFF’ comes at you!

When you're surrounded by LOW VIBES!

This episode is all about Integrity, Compassion, LOVE, Releasing, Cleansing and SWEET Surrender so you do RISE ABOVE!

Our Upcoming Episode