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The Aligned Way

The Aligned Way is a podcast show talking about all things Life, Business & Spiritual.
Bringing it together with Divine Feminine energy, gentle, balanced, harmonious and in exquisite flow. Kelly took her show to #5, in the Apple, podcast charts, G.B Entrepreneurship - Incredible!

Ascending at our highest frequency, consciously creating a new paradigm, painting a new world.

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Our Latest Episode

Transform ‘Pressure into Pleasure’
Freedom awaits those who are READY!

Sharing this divinely guided episode, tapping into the energy of today’s New Moon.

A gorgeous Cancerian vibe, I share great insights into the water sign, which is fiercely protective over both family and home.

Today we turn ‘Pressure into Pleasure.’ Learning the art of mastering the ‘Law of Subtraction.’ Cleansing, deeper awareness & letting go of what is NO longer serving you.

Our Upcoming Episode

A triangulation of Mnd, Body & Spirit.

Ironic this episode comes to you on World Chocolate Day! This is an episode that centers you in the middle of your soul's version of velvety heaven.

The Yin & Yang of totally switching off, disconnecting, putting your wellbeing at the front of everything, including your ever growing to-do lt and what is outstanding... Avoiding the overfill, leading to exhaustion and burn out. This is an episode to wind down and ENJOY!