Pay attention to what happens on a world stage as we step into 2023

2023 a window of opportunity awaits those who pay attention!!!

For this future gazing, we are allowing the dwarf plant Pluto to guide us through some possible outcomes for 2023 when it enters Aquarius for a four-month window. Let’s look at how this will affect New Earth Business Leaders.

For background information, Pluto has been transiting the zodiac sign of Capricorn since 2009. Pluto acts to transform what it touches very deeply and it exposes where power has been out of balance, such as where it has been used for personal greed and gain.  Capricorn rules traditional leadership: at its finest, Capricorn energy represents the epitome of good stewardship, effective management, sound advice and of creating system designed to last. It’s the classic corporation that does well, grows healthily, treats staff right, motivates appropriately and rewards fairly.

As we know, however, not all leaders and systems are created equal.

We see it in Superhero films – there’s always a baddy scheming, rubbing their hands together and plotting the world’s downfall.  Whilst that may be an exaggeration, we also know that the frequency behind certain forces in power, can contain elements that ultimately will not work in the best interests of everyone: such as personal greed, lies, manipulation, a desire to control the outcomes and resources of others.

Here the notion of power is distorted from the start.  It takes power to mean something that is contained in one person and not in another.  This is flawed thinking since Spiritual power is divine and given to every human.

We just haven’t yet tried living in a world where this spiritual truth is the foundation.
We’re working towards it though, right?

In the classic story, malintent is hidden whilst the classic baddy builds up their power behind the scenes.  The public are portrayed as eternally stupid and blind in films; they don’t notice anything going wrong until there’s a 200 foot robot obliterating their neighbourhood.  At this point the Super Heroes are called upon to restore balance.  In the end the goodies always win because light always overcomes darkness the end forever.

However, not all people watched these films and got the same memo.  Some people still want to dominate others.  Competition and war consciousness have created such a strong narrative in our world that those old programmes of lack, fear and survival still dominate, hence we still have wars and scarcity.

Still, I’m assuming YOU went away and honed your Jedi powers.
Good!  That was the point – you literally are the Superheroes of our world.

Something will be revealed during the “window” of 24 March to 12 June when Pluto enters Aquarius.  Maybe something will be “rolled out”, or a new “danger” will hit our world that requires a complete change of behaviour.  Take notice especially if the public is asked to do something for the benefit of the good of all.

When Saturn entered zero degrees Aquarius we went into lockdown in the UK, and when it went back to Capricorn we came out. To the day! So watch carefully.

Aquarius represents the collective – where we meet each other as the equals we truly are.  Aquarius rules Science and Technology, so we can expect something new connected with these areas. AI, Healthcare, controlled data cards, etc.

Pluto will show us two of its faces – Control and Transformation. 
You will need to spot the difference.

Certain “powers” will likely seek to “CONTROL” people (the public).
Others will seek to “TRANSFORM” people.

Transformation assumes all people contain inherent divine power and once they seek help and desire to make conscious changes in their lives that they will be able to do so, with the guidance and support of others, and this will benefit the collective.

As a New Earth Leader, you may already know where and how you are here to transform others.

If so, March to June would be a really great time to make plans to launch a product or service that will transform others in your “tribe”.  Since Aquarius rules the 11th house, you will be working with likeminded people you meet over the internet and in communities, people who share similar goals and visions.

Pay attention to what happens on a world stage.  Notice if something is revealed or rolled out that is done “in the best interests of the public” that may have an underlying element of control.

Because in 2023 we will be given a window of opportunity to see the types of behaviours that will characterise Pluto transiting Aquarius from 2024 onwards.

As a New Earth leader, keep tuning into divine guidance, singing your song from your pure divine heart and leading by example through personal empowerment and transformation.

Love & Blessings Kelly Vikings