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The Divine Business Leader

Business Strategist, Psychic & Pure Channel. Empowering women from all over the world to claim their infinite power & paint a NEW 5D world.

“Kelly is a talented speaker, who holds a space beautifully'

An inspiring & uplifting masterclass in my private membership, on powerful audience growth strategies that help you connect, nurture and grow your business the aligned way. Kelly is a talented speaker, she holds the space beautifully for other female business owners to explore business and marketing strategies in a way that uniquely supports them.

Jo Soley - Founder of BIZOLOGY 

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Kelly Vikings

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“Kelly absolutely delivered, leaving the entire event totally inspired'

She lifted the energy in the Zoom Room! I would highly recommend Kelly, for Motivational speaking, working with Divine Source is both inspirational & super powerful.

Thank you so much Kelly!

Lisa Williams -  Lisa's Networking Lounge


Kelly’s Media Pack

fulfilling a divine purpose

Kelly has the ability to captivate & empower any audience.

Everything Kelly energetically aligns herself to empowers women to discover their truest, highest, souls expression. Kelly leads with LOVE sharing her voice as a beacon of light, strength & inspiration.

Kelly LOVES speaking in person, at online events or on global podcasts. Kelly delivers a deeply powerful presentation to your audience, or listeners.

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1 - Powerful Audience Attraction & Growth Strategies. Decoding your Business Success. Kelly shares her 5 C's - Connection, Collaboration, Communication, Community & Contribution. Start, grow and scale your business The Aligned Way! 

2 - Motivational, Inspirational & Empowering at it's finest! Kelly shares how to Discover your Divine Ultimate Power. How to claim your Femme Fire and be fearless, confident and authentic in Business. There will be no stopping you!

3 - Divine Alignment. Embody a far deeper connection to spiritual intelligence, the Divine Femme, bring both internal and external worlds into balance, with harmony and alignment. Step out from the shadows, it's time to shine your truth and beautiful light with the world.



Kelly loves


- Raising your highest frequency from 3D to 5D 

- Being WOO in Business is Fierce! Release your spiritual gifts to the world...

there is a divine purpose in everything

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Kelly Vikings

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Kelly is author of the Amazon best seller:
Secrets of the Divine Business Code