a word for being true to yourself

Mastering the Law of Attraction

I was asked this week and reminded this week how my own personal journey of self-discovery, consistency, trust & belief had given me so many rewards, how this was inspiring to many and how could this be replicated to help others design a life they truly desire, and feel so much joy from.

It got me thinking….

I have never been coached or mentored in specifics to ‘HOW TO’ rebuild my life from the very depths of despair and loss, to celebrating my most gorgeous energetic week, and best financial month during May.

I do know we have the power within us to achieve anything, and to move forwards gently, with LOVE…


In reality seeing EVERYTHING be taken away….

5 Bed NEW family home, NEW BMW 4-Series Sports Car, SAVINGS


Caravan rented to avoid homelessness, claiming Universal Credits, and struggling to buy my kids clothes and feed us week to week….


Gorgeous rental property with so much space, Partner working bringing in consistent income, and my business as a Business Mentor going from 0 – circa 10k months…


An amazing future, new build a stone’s throw away our landlords building for us, financial abundance and JOY and REAL happiness…. Freedom, Flexibility and JOY.


This has no mention of the sheer mental, emotional and physical burdens I had to push beyond, we did as a family. The number of times our kids, saw us as parents crumble.

It has no mention of the anxiety and deep depression I had to crawl out from, I am so grateful to life and for being here today. This is my Viking Warrior Phoenix wings.

We had no one, helping to support us. Aside from my partners family, we have had to rebuild our lives in the best way we can for our kids, and our future.

Of course, there have been times we almost gave up, we fought between ourselves, we felt extreme guilt for our children. My partner has had the added external pressures of his past, as have I come to grow beyond, challenge us genuine, honest beings and do all we can to rise above with grace and honour.

I don’t think any life is easy!
We all experience our own unique tapestry of life.
The past is ultimately what gives us great wisdom.

BUT for those who doubt themselves, or are indeed as we were, as I was suffering.

THERE IS A WAY FORWARDS…. Out of this and I want to share an insight into how.

Because you choose!
You choose your reality!
You paint your world, however you choose!


Strip it right back, to the first steps and reconnect to your heart.

Become aware of what is REALLY important to you.

Master gently, the art of decluttering. Create space by removing what is not needed, loved, desired, or required for you today, to achieve your future.

If anything is vibrating at a lower energy, get curious… Ask why?

Work with it, beyond it or remove it!

The new space you have is your foundation for life.

Energetically call in what your heart desires.

*REMEMBER nothing from the past matters, this is your clean slate.

If you are having to let’s, say temporarily create income, from a disconnected source. Accept this with gratitude but create a vision that outgrows where you are today!

Become VERY aware of your energy, thoughts, and internal voices. It is easy to be in survival mode or allow fear, or doubt to consume you.

Remember WHY you are doing this & Look Forwards NOT back.
*Only to see your growth and appreciate you!

Be patient it will take time, don’t give up too easily. Be RESILIENT!

ALIGNMENT is THE most important aspect of bringing it all together.
You, Your Life, Your Business and Your Spiritual Journey.

We can lose ourselves.
We can forget to trust.
We can slip into scarcity.
We can be so hard on ourselves.
We can be expanding wasted energy.
Watching & WISHING…


The art of Mastering the Law of Attraction

Is a co-creation of powerfully aligned universal energetics.
Like anything we have lessons to learn, and step beyond!
The first step that WILL change your life is to learn how to shed, strip back and de-clutter!
Once you have space and embody The Power of Pause, taking time to rebuild.
You have a blank or less cluttered canvas.
The next stage of your reality is WHAT you fill it with!
What do you want to through your heart attracts, what are you going to say YES to guided through your soul choices?

This is Divine Alignment® and claiming your Divine Ultimate Power.

This is exactly WHY I wrote my free 33-day programme, claim you Divine Ultimate Power, and why Divine Alignment® Is my best-selling programme.

BECAUSE I HAVE LIVED IT! I know the truth and HOW TO’s.

Even with sweat, blood, ashes in my mouth, like a Phoenix I have risen.

I was reincarnated in the Garden of Eden. I know my path was to experience a lifetime of horrors. In order to really make a difference and genuinely help others.

It begins with you SAYING yes to all you really desire, taking the brave leap of trust to remove what is no longer serving you and BELIEVING in your future, going out there and co-creating it with the UNIVERSE.

It WILL NOT always be easy, it WILL feel uncomfortable, but IT IS possible!

Gently, Kindly, With truth and TRUST. No pushing, no fear, no doubting…
Just knowing, connected to your heart and guided by your soul.

That is the Divine Feminine way… Gracefully accepting with LOVE.

I will continue my work and share more with you.

For now take those first steps of painting your NEW life.

Love & Blessings Kelly

Guided to share 11th June 2022