Ascension Codes, Awakening, Higher Consciousness

Light Codes, Raising our Frequency

Many people who are awakening to a New Earth a Higher Frequency are aware of what light codes are, but I realised not everyone is aware and so I wrote this blog to raise our awareness.

We all have our own unique soul, spiritual and life journeys.
Each of us no matter where we are is exactly as we should be, there is no right or wrong.

You may have read, heard, or seen about our planet transmuting a higher energy?
People sharing their personal ascension journey and discussing higher consciousness?
Or, seen symbols digitally created photos of the sun and its beautiful rays of sunshine or sometimes rainbows of colours and dancing light?

Light Codes are geometric structures of light from source.
They awaken dormant aspects within our DNA, affecting all living cells on our planet.

Helping us to align our own internal energetic frequencies to the NEW earth energies streaming on to our planet. We feel this through the sun’s powerful rays of energy and our Earths heartbeat (The Schumann) which also has been heightened and brings a change in our own internal energy fields.

It is connected to our ascension journey, as we raise our unity consciousness.
We lighten our bodies, cleansing, healing and often opening our ascension chakra’s raising our internal frequency and deepening our spiritual soul journeys.

Light Codes emit from the Cosmic Heart, in pre crystalline LOVE.
Spreading or energy across the universe. Passing the suns of the planetary system, expanding beyond, across multi dimensions, merging & incorporating their unique frequencies, raising the vibration of our heart, and humanity as ONE.

The universe is EVERYTHING. We are all connected energetically and when we radiate LOVE, we raise everyone’s frequency.

Each Light Code transmutes at a unique vibration, holds a crystalline pulsation, much like our physical bodies do, and all things living, connected to source.

Heightening our psychic, spiritual gifts, expanding our awareness and opening our hearts to activate our truth and soul alignment. Also providing us with instant, divine healing energies.

Each of us takes what is reflected back to use in our different ways, helping guide us along our spiritual journey of enlightenment.

Our enlightenment, ascension journey is NOT a destination, or race. It is a lighter, freer way of BEING.

One where connection to ourselves is beautiful, and our consciousness is in alignment, removing lower energies and aligning our soul to our divine gifts, stepping into a lighter way of being, guided by our soul. It is a beautiful way of being, and when you step into this you really are living your best life.

Get out ground in earths new energies, sit in the sunshine and energise, heal and consciously create alignment in your internal and external world. Enjoy all you are becoming and activating within your soul.

Love Kelly Vikings

Image taken by me, K Vikings 2022