Mentoring you in sacred space, we empower and enable each other, creating your Divine Feminine Business Masterpiece.

there is a divine purpose in everything


business soul session


ACTIVATE potent shifts of aligned ACTION + IMPACT + INCOME in your business fast!

Pure alchemy in this powerful session, integrating Numerology, Human Design and the Gene Keys, along with my gift of seeing the invisible…

Divine business

strategy day


Strategy Days are UNLIKE anything else!

You may THINK you have everything beautifully aligned over the next 90 Days, what if I could dive into the heart of your businesses and draw out the Divine Magick that’s waiting to be birthed to the world.

Your strategy day is 5.5 hrs, a Powerful Vortex where together we create NEW energy.

I activate my Psychic, Manifestor, Viking energy for you to experience real Magick!

View my clients Testimonials the results speak for themselves

a journey of self discovery quotes




Best Selling Signature programme.
My clients adore this exquisite 9 hr programme. *Payment plans available.

Divine Alignment® Activating your Divine Destiny, sharing my 26 years 'Know how' and taking you & your business to its next level in alignment.

Just some examples of what we co-create;
Your unique clear vision, An impactful Brand, Aligned client pathways, Marketing, Sales, Launch strategies, Ascension business model, Products & Services, Signature methods, Quantum funnels, Revenue, and Prioritised Goals…

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divine life purpose and soul mission


Vikings formula


A very powerful Triangulation of ALL my mentorship programmes to give you THE ultimate experience working one to one with me.

1 - Psychic Business Soul Session 
2 - Strategy Day 
3 - Divine Alignment 

Birthing your business in energetic alignment. Taking your ideas and creating through heart  & soul. Co-creating aligned strategies to support you to grow, scale your business. With my continued support & accountability. Activating supreme alignment, time freedom and personal wealth.

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