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Femme Spiritpreneur ~ Awakened Women Business Leader

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur a Digital Nomad?
The chances are if you’re reading this you are!

A ‘femme spiritpreneur’ my definition is an Awakened Women Business Leader

“The darker we fall, the higher our wings fly, the higher we rise“ K Vikings

Our businesses are shifting too, universally, cosmic shifts are happening to us and this is hugely evident in the way we start, create, and grow our businesses.

I mentor clients who are fully aware, and clients who are yet to become aware. It is a journey after all and one of deep self-discovery, soul alignment and universal connection, from 3D to 5D. Sacred evolution that is happening for us, for our human advancement.


A journey of AWAKENING is one which will have at times undoubtedly challenged you beyond belief. Compassion and LOVE are both an eternal gift and learnt.

It is easy to give and be compassionate when life has been light, in the darkest of moments surrendering and loving, forgiving, compassion is learnt and that’s the rise in frequency needed to heal our New Earth 5D.

It took a life of childhood abuse, domestic violence, a lifetime of vulnerabilities, to a HUGE almighty cosmic shift. The catalyst for me, that illuminated there was no more running away or ignoring… Business loss, Bankruptcy and Home, Financial, Material losses. Suffering and dropping into the lowest of vibrations, suicidal and broken. It is here I truly discovered my soul.

There was no more hiding, and being able to speak out, write, share my story led me to finally trusting wholly in my highest self, my guides, and my incredible spiritual mentors.

You may read the above and see the significance of my life path, in yours?

Have you ever felt that shift, a significant shift or maybe sequence of synchronicities, life events?

Maybe not such deep traumas, however the trauma for me was ‘exactly’ how I bravely stopped, to reclaim and connect to my line of truth, without them, I would not have gone to the depths I had, not experienced them, the darkness creates the most unimaginable lightness.


The darker we fall, the higher our wings fly, the higher we rise.

You are on a journey. A life destination that demands all of you.
What have you seen, noticed, become aware of?

The darkness is not a place to hide away, or to stay. It is a place that builds the person we are, our truest Divine Destiny. Calling in this lifetime. We can lift up from the shadows, healing and moving forwards.

AWAKENED It’s simple. It does not require anything. Connecting to source and Universal energy requires no more of you than to ‘pause’ and connect with the love from within. This is the first place to connect and begin your soul journey, healing and discovery of soul’s purest frequency.

It does not need to be complex, overwhelming, or difficult.

Like prayers, worshipping to god, it’s free, available to all and is a calling, deeper desire to consciously go from the layers of B.S. created in 3D world and explore the higher frequencies, energies of a 5D inter dimensional world freely available to those who are rising.


Awakened Women Business Leaders

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Femme Spiritpreneurs

Are here as a conscious collective of women leading the way through their businesses.

Individually their paths have been unique, maybe like mine one of great personal and business adversities. Shifts, huge cosmic shifts of universal energy and universe synchronicities and significant people come into their life path to hold up a mirror!

TOGETHER we are the light.

Our collective consciousness is the RISING we have risen, and we choose a deeper connection to our reality, one that comes from experience and meaning, not conquer and divide. We fearlessly protect each other and fight for our independent views, our freedoms.

Our Soul Purpose will drive our Businesses and we will have a unique driver that fuels our businesses. Our business becomes aligned, organic, authentic and driven from LOVE and compassion, soul and heart led.

We are the Business Warriors that bring a new sense of meaning to being a woman in business!

Led by our hearts, guided by our deep intuition, ALWAYS for the good of humanity and other universal beings.


It starts with DEEP connection inside

We choose freedom over choice

We choose trust over LOGIC

We choose truth over fakery

We choose Alignment over Burnout

We choose Flow over demands

We choose LIGHT over Darkness

It ends with a DEEP connection to Collective Consciousness


Our connection to Mother Earth and Nature

Our internal mentors and awareness of others drive us

We navigate a new world

We are not ONE




This is why CONNECTION is so important. It starts and ends with us and all beings.

Imagine vibrating at your highest frequency, living and doing business The Aligned Way?
The impact you and your business will create? It is like an invisible field of energy.

I will share more on how being AWAKE supports your business during more blogs.


The purpose of today’s blog is to share the rising of soul led, heart led, driven businesses and the important of our DEEPER universal frequencies combined.

What can you do that connects you deeper to SOUL?
How can you express your Truest Self?

Do you trust in your unique path of enlightenment?

Are you part of a Rising?
A Light worker, Healer, Coach, part of a conscious collective of women leading the way through your businesses.


Last week I shared a gorgeous trio of deep guided meditative initiations and activations. They are gifting the codes of soul alignment, deeper connection and claiming your highest frequency, abundance, prosperity codes.


Claim yours today

Raising the awareness for our highest good, united, equal humanity, and benefit to all beings,

Love & Blessings

Kelly xxx