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Fear – Don’t let it STOP you or keep you STUCK in your business….

You have BIG dreams and a BIG vision for 2022. Don’t allow FEAR to stop you!

I was guided to open up the conversations and thoughts this week surrounding FEAR.
So many entrepreneurs and business owners, especially women in business don’t even see it, FEAR is a sneaky little thing that has a huge impact on holding you back, stopping you from doing things that could be AMAZING to growing your business, even being ready to receive and ASK for more of what you have!

Here are three KEY messages channelled for you around your FEAR


I hope these really kick some butt and help you to STEP with fear into the unknown, so you can explore what it feels like to work beyond fear and ACHIEVE even MORE in your lives.

ONE way to take back control of FEAR…

Be aware of it sneaking in!!!
2022 – You have shiz to do, why are you giving it permission to step in your way…

I know the world is an uncertain place, people are doing crazy stuff, you are facing so much uncertainty and the learning how to adapt, what to believe, who to believe…

What the Divine wants is for you to connect with your souls’ blueprint. The REAL essence of all you are. To not be distracted, to trust in your potentiality and focus on your divine destiny. What it is you are here to do.

Allowing fear to creep in distracts you, displaces energy and focus and stops you from getting the results you desire, or slows, demotivates you and stops you from even trying.

It is often in our failings, or hard knocks we learn more, we overcome more, and we walk through and past fear.

The walking into it is the hardest! If you think of it like this it will be. One you have walked into it then learn how to navigate with fear, and work through and beyond it.

That is control, accepting, knowing, and still saying YES, because the results and the rewards are on the other side, and we get nowhere by standing still.

There are ways we natural feel comfortable doing things in our business. If we keep doing them, we may get the same results. Yet, my question to you is what if you take that risk, what if you say yes to that opportunity, what if you sign up to that mastermind, what if you try something differently… WHAT NEXT?


STOP downplaying and thinking you can’t…

If I could put £1 into a pot EVERY time a women in business said the words…..

‘I am not ready for that yet’ or ‘I don’t really need to earn loads, just enough to…’

Or if I could put £1 into a pot EVERY time I heard a client play small, or not believe they were ready, or even worse WISH they were but kept getting in their way…

I LOVE seeing that transformation in people when they finally get it!!!
It is that mindset shift. It’s like a release, a light bulb moment, that ah ha moment…

Conscious Power is UNLIMITED it is our energy, the frequency we vibrate at.
We choose whether we are ready or not. No one is entitled to anything more than you! 

We restrict ourselves and put false blocks or restrictions on ourselves.

We tell ourselves stories we begin to believe that don’t support our growth.

We even believe if we try, we will be judged by others and we allow it to stop us.

Literally I could go on and on and on….

Of course, there are limitations, when I was unable to walk in 2006 and had to have spinal surgery I couldn’t run a marathon, but I went onto after surgery, I ran 43 Miles along the coastal paths. When I hit rock bottom, I was bankrupt I had no money or resources. Clearly, I was restricted, it didn’t stop me from trying again and now look at what I am achieving.

Success comes to those, who have the ability to TRY, no matter what to find a path. Energetically we will always try to choose a path of least resistance and FEAR will push us back, if we consciously choose to elevate and work beyond fear, the results will reward us.

ONLY you can make those conscious choices!

What you may be getting WRONG…

Think about how FEAR has impacted you, already this year?

Most of the time this is because you give fear permission to create a scary monster story, and this story has no happy unicorn and rainbow ending…


You see other people achieve greatness, see them create success and wealth and instead of congratulating them. You WISH you had it all too. This then feeds into a self-perpetuating reality of…. It isn’t for me, or I wouldn’t want to do this, or I will just play small here I feel safe!!!!!

The wrong bit is this.

You focus on you.
Be clear about what exactly you are going to achieve.

Know how and when you are going to achieve it by.
Don’t get distracted by other people’s success.
Be comfortable with talking SEX & WEALTH… well definitely wealth.
Be ready to manifest, take aligned action and READY to receive it.


BE CLEAR!!!!!!!!

Don’t set limits either just be totally willing to take the risks and give it all you’ve got.

T starts with taking that first step, and this is more about believing in yourself!

One of the most beautiful things about being a business mentor is supporting women to REALLY connect with what they want, to be brave enough to call it in.
I love seeing their ideas become a reality. It doesn’t just happen!

No one gets anywhere without learning to acknowledge and accept their fears. They also master how to work with them and often grow because of them. It takes BRAVERY & COURAGE to dream big, and to take Aligned Action.

Today’s message is like a ROAR from Kali herself, a reminder that being woo and divine feminine does not always mean fluffy and silent!!!

Make friends with FEAR, grow beyond it. Know that what you fear awaits the other side of it!


Love Kelly xx