External Chaos Invites us to ‘New Earth Leadership’

When something is “not right” energetically anymore in our life, it starts making us feel very uncomfortable.
Things go haywire and life prods and pokes us, asking us how much more we can take?
It could be a relationship, a career path, related to family or health – any area of life.

Often at first, we think we can ride out the changes or do some course-correction and all will be well – and it may be.

Yet sometimes, it’s far deeper than that.  More like a Universal, existential invitation to completely burn down an entire area of life and emerge like the Phoenix rising from the ashes.  Knowing the difference before we arrive at full scale collapse and burn down is an intuitive art!

Sometimes the Universe causes us huge challenges that appear to be “external” yet we are really being invited to entirely revitalise the underpinning inner foundations of our world.

This can mean a serious revolution in our lives and that is not for the faint of heart!

Exterior problems often reveal where an energetic problem needs examining on a cellular structural level.  Of course, we’re supposed to notice at the prodding stage and do something about it.  But let’s be honest, with the volume of challenges most people have to overcome and their associated traumas, these rock-bottom events in our lives often have us completely re-assess the very foundations of our life.

Whether our metaphorical house is built upon sand or rock? (You know how the parable goes).

Whether you call it “rock bottom” or a “dark night of the soul”, when viewed with hindsight these events often assist us come into a spiritual awakening and profound levels of awareness.

Until we take true, meaningful aligned action we keep hitting problems in our life.  Remember it’s in the best interests of the Universe and all its occupants if we serve our highest truest wishes and act in accordance with our divine purpose.  The more we do this, we model it for others.

Those very vibrations that bring YOU into your deepest joy, where you serve from your heart from our divine gifts – is also in the best interests of the collective.

If this balance and natural order is not observed and restored, then chaos keeps happening until the collective goes through a dark night of the soul, its own version of rock bottom

And that will force us to reconsider collective structures and energies – we will be called into considering the very foundations the Western world has been built upon and how it serves and supports all of humanity

My own life saw wholesale collapse when I lost everything – my marriage, my business, my staff, my savings, my money and car and my family home.

Yet look at me now after my reinvention – running a Business Academy that supports New Earth Business® Leaders to build sustainable, abundant, divinely aligned businesses, to step up securely and joyfully lead – and in turn supporting their own clients and so on as the ripple effect spills outwards.

I see many of my clients emerging from the ashes like the Phoenix and if you’re reading this blog perhaps you too will have your own story of how you reinvented yourself from the flames of all that was burned down.

New Earth Leaders have often overcome the most enormous hurdles to get where they are today, challenging old paradigms and old conditioning every step of the way, recalling their unique medicine, gifts and power.

Sometimes we must remove every brick of the structure we thought was propping us up, and begin building anew from the ground up with secure foundations that WILL stand the test of time.

Our world needs new leaders to step up and lead in completely different ways and with different energies that replaces and heals what has been out of balance.

Collective prodding and poking by the Universe.

Traditional leadership in the UK is a wonderful example of where we see chaos in action.  In the last four months we’ve had a change of Monarch, three Prime Ministers and four Chancellors.

That quickening pace of external chaos is the Universe calling for entirely new leadership and ways of being…

And that’s where you come in!

It’s no secret that our world is looking for New Leaders – that the Universal energy is INVITING you to step up and create anew.  Yes YOU, New Earth leaders who have already walked the process of personal reinvention, changed the very structure of your lives and committed to a life of soul-led purpose honouring your perfect frequency.

You are being invited to restore balance to everything that the frequency of Patriarchy has distorted energetically in our world.  And when I say “Patriarchy” I mean a vibration that is begging to be healed with love, devotion, unity and true balance.

Our world needs your medicine.  How you heal yourself is often how you will go on to heal others.  What lights you up is often where you light up others.  And you, as New Earth Leaders, do not have to move mountains alone!  We do it together, supported, in devotion, unison and balance.

With a depth of compassion, grace and eternal love,
Kelly xx