The Universe ALWAYS has a plan… For You!

Today is going to set you up for meeting your ultimate, highest potentiality and success.

I begin sharing readings using a gift, gifted to me from the wonderful Nicola Tonsager.

Deck of cards ‘The Sacred Soul Guidance” sharing incredible wisdom from the cards drawn in today’s show.

A gorgeous quote from the late Carl Jung

“Who looks inside DREAMS, Who looks inside AWAKENS”

Kelly supports your inner curiosity and asks you some thought provoking, deeply activating questions. Encouraging you to speak your truth, step out of the shadows, release any shame or guilt, and create a NEW manifestation, new reality. Channelled from Divine Source.


The Universe always has a plan, when ‘stuff’ happens it happens for you, not to you.


I talk about being ready to receive, walking with your fears, time being an illusion, and claiming your Femme Fire. We even get started on talking all things Numerology, Astrology, Divination, and The Moon.


Time to let go, break free, and RISE higher than you have ever risen before.

Think BIG and truly believe in who you are! It’s time to expect the unexpected, and truly believe MIRACLES do happen. They are shared freely every day we wake up! Expect the unexpected, enjoy the show.



Nicola Tonsager Medium, Spiritual Coach.

Used today – The Sacred Soul Guidance Deck of Cards


To celebrate The Launch of her BRAND-NEW show.


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