The powerful art of self-actualisation With Ebonie Alchemy – Guest Interview

Every month I will be joined by special guests, to bring you invaluable insights into their life, business, and spiritual journey. 


Oh, you are going to love this episode there are so many magickal moments, such beautiful alchemy and synergy unfolds as I interview Modern Mystic, Misfit turned Maven Ebonie Alchemy. Aside from her Divine gifts, Ebonie is an award-winning Master Coach, Author & speaker, who by the way has her own podcast ‘This Sacrosanct Life’ 

We go deep on Self Actualisation. Knowing self, Trusting self, and BEING self. Discussing all things alignment of course, including the cycles of evolution and the TOWER falling… Nothing changing unless we break patterns, we welcome congruence into our lives, and we get comfortable sitting under the shadows… It’s not Selfish it’s a journey of becoming and being SELF FULL! 

We shared our love of feathers and the power of pause, being safe to welcome comfort not to keep reaching for more. Accepting of ourselves, ALL parts, both the light and dark. One amazing episode, so many beautiful messages, enjoy! 

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