The Power of Pause gracefully evokes Self Love, Honour and Personal Power

Kelly is joining you just before her Birthday Celebrations begin!

43 years on the planet and something Kelly is ultra-passionate about is The Power of Pause.

Celebrating each moment in your life, discovering the beauty in everything around you.

Encouraging you to pause, and triangulate a balancing of the heart, mind, body, and soul.


Taking time to truly honour self, and gently connect with a greater connection of unconditional love, starting with self-first from your heart centre.


Kelly is encouraging you to create even more space, in your world.

Tapping into a reservoir of subconsciousness, that communicates with your conscious to ‘collectively fine tune’ the picture you are painting in your reality, external world.

Giving you time to unlock your greatest truth, your highest potentiality.


Enjoy this episode, a gift of divine wisdom and grace, spoken with pure love. Kelly wants for everyone to evoke their supreme LOVE and LIGHT codes, by honouring The Power of Pause you will connect with yours.




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