Journeying beyond into your Akashic Records with Marina Beech – Guest Interview

Every month I will be joined by guests, to bring you invaluable insights into their life, business, and spiritual journey.


THIS EPISODE IS GALACTIC! Get ready to Influence your aligned success!


Sit back, tune into the sensational spiritual wisdom unfold as we travel into the cosmic realm. ‘Visions of Life Beyond Death’ this episodes oracle is truly apt, as we explore our energetic DNA, gaining a deeper understanding of Souls Sacred Vision.


Marina brings her incredible expertise in diving into how the Akashic Records ultimately takes your spiritual journey to a whole NEW level. Stepping into your personal library of intimate emotions, choices, consequences, relationships, stories, since souls creation.


Linked to Tim Whilds episode 9, we explore how to create gentle pathways to connect deeper and unblock any Karmic, Ancestral, Future Incarnations, or energies on your ascension journey.


A gorgeous episode, full of so much spiritual wisdom. Marina shares how she stumbled into learning about the Akashic records, since has transformed many people’s lives, including my own and is now setting up her own global training academy.


Whether you’ve dived into your records before or this is the very first time you’ve heard of them, be sure to become curious. Explore how your Akashic records support you to travel in other timelines, and dimensions activating your soul alignment. The sacred work and unlimited benefits to self-discovery of your souls divine blueprint.


We discuss all incredible benefits such as healing, cleansing, and clearing and ‘EGO’ which just had to jump in at the final part of our episode!


Marina says she asks her clients to ask their EGOs to step out of the room!

I LOVE this… giving them permission to break beyond its limits!


Marina Beech is The Soul Alchemist, supporting you to release the past, to unlock your future. Her work has transformed many lives. Her belief is that we are so much more than just this lifetime. Marina provides a truly incredible gift of supporting you intimately, in a group setting or if you’re ready training you to be an Akashic Records reader.


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