How to transition in life or business, creating duality and alignment in both worlds.

Please Note – Kelly joins us following recovery from Covid, apologies for any croaking voice today! 


Today’s card could not have been more aligned.

Diana Cooper, Ascension Cards.

Veils of Illusion, with powerful affirmation ‘I AM ONE with everything’


Kelly supports many women to rediscover who they are, and align their life, soul gifts and grow a business ‘The Aligned Way’ this is not always as easy as it appears.


The art of becoming, the power of discovering you! Claim your FEMME FIRE.


Often many sacrifices and conscious choices are required to bridge a transition.

Life before, and life as our soul truly desires can feel universes away.

Often stepping away from all you once knew, most likely feels comfortable.


Kelly shares powerful teachings with you, some insights, in how to disconnect and set boundaries, and create conscious pathways, and transition, RISE in all your glory!


Now is the time to become a conscious leader. Create more Peace, Joy, Abundance and Alignment in your Life, Business and of course Spiritual worlds.


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