How to create Divine Alignment® in your Life

How to create Divine Alignment® in your Internal, External and Connected worlds creating ‘Soul Alignment’ guided through your souls calling.


Kelly says, at the heart of every aspect of our being is ‘us’ our ‘heartbeats’ and we must start by looking internally and reconnecting, maybe even rediscovering our soul. 


Kelly shares how magnificent living a life, in alignment to our souls calling and life path, supports us to activate our highest frequency in which anything is possible. 


This episode talks about Life Alignment and how this is the KEY to open our hearts to a new way of living. You will learn how to activate your highest frequency and ultimate personal power. 


You will learn how the Divine Alignment® wheel supports your personal, spiritual, and professional growth. 


Kelly talks about ascension, ancestral wisdom, divine feminine energy, and claiming more peace, love, JOY and abundance in your world. 


We close this show with a short prayer with Archangel Michael, connecting to internal love, and inner wisdom. Grounding you in a gorgeous Ray of Light. 


To celebrate The Launch of her BRAND-NEW show. 


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