10 Reasons you may NOT be making money in your business!

Trusting your journey is so vital to your divine flow and success. Success loves speed!

To help you avoid some of the most common entrepreneurial mistakes I have recorded a podcast giving you 10 of the most common reasons YOU MAY NOT be making money fast enough.


1-    Searching external gratification

2-    Not committing fully to your soul purpose

3-    Not prioritising your business

4-    Operating through trauma or fear

5 – Operating from OLD programmes

6 – Creative but no (BDM) Business Development


8 – Not a strong enough SALES strategy

9 – Selling everyday

10 – Bitching or Moaning, not taking personal responsibility!

Do you resonate? Tough LOVE and TRUTH hurts but it is what we do with what we know that counts! All growth demands overcoming the uncomfortable and alignment is NOT always easy. NEW levels of success demand a NEW UPGRADED VERSION of you!


Let’s share those moments of self-realisation and move forwards creating a profitable and aligned business that generates powerful exchanges every day!





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