Mentoring you in a sacred space, we empower and enable each other, creating your Divine Feminine Business Masterpiece.

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Turn pressure into pleasure! The art of mastering the ‘Law of Subtraction.’

New Moon Turn pressure into pleasure! The art of mastering the ‘Law of Subtraction.’ Cleansing and letting go of what is NO longer serving you.   SHOWNOTES   Resources;   Buy my book ‘Secrets of The Divine Business Code’ (Hyperlink –    Download FREE 48 Page resource, to accompany my book   Connect with Kelly on Instagram, FB, or…

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Journeying beyond into your Akashic Records with Marina Beech – Guest Interview

Every month I will be joined by guests, to bring you invaluable insights into their life, business, and spiritual journey.   THIS EPISODE IS GALACTIC! Get ready to Influence your aligned success!   Sit back, tune into the sensational spiritual wisdom unfold as we travel into the cosmic realm. ‘Visions of Life Beyond Death’ this episodes…

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Energy, Personal Power & Communication – Unleash Your Inner Creatrix

Discover how to write connective, liberated, attractive, magnetic COPY!   Kelly shares how your unique energetic expression, soul guidance, connection with source, transmutes a powerful frequency.   Learn how to magnetise your audience and liberate your soul, revealing ALL OF YOU!   In today’s episode Kelly sets the tone, with a MINI – FOCUS. 7…

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Turn your Ideas, Divine Creativity into Money. A Powerful Exchange of Riches!

Do you believe you have what it takes? To create exchange money in an aligned state of flow?   Kelly shares how being a Femmepreneur can look so GLAM. In reality, we each have our entrepreneurial journeys.   Kelly shares what makes a huge difference, to the speed in which we grow our business. Also,…

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The Power of Pause gracefully evokes Self Love, Honour and Personal Power

Kelly is joining you just before her Birthday Celebrations begin! 43 years on the planet and something Kelly is ultra-passionate about is The Power of Pause. Celebrating each moment in your life, discovering the beauty in everything around you. Encouraging you to pause, and triangulate a balancing of the heart, mind, body, and soul.  …

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