Mentoring you in a sacred space, we empower and enable each other, creating your Divine Feminine Business Masterpiece.

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The powerful art of self-actualisation With Ebonie Alchemy – Guest Interview

Every month I will be joined by special guests, to bring you invaluable insights into their life, business, and spiritual journey.  THIS EPISODE IS DIVINE. Oh, you are going to love this episode there are so many magickal moments, such beautiful alchemy and synergy unfolds as I interview Modern Mystic, Misfit turned Maven Ebonie Alchemy….

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Interview with Claire Winter

We’re joined today by the amazing Claire Winter! Claire is the founder of the Creatrix Journey. She’s also a storyteller and coach. This is going to be a gorgeous episode as we’ll be talking about the Aligned Way. We also go over what Alignment is about. We’re not here today just to talk about business,…

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10 Reasons you may NOT be making money in your business!

Trusting your journey is so vital to your divine flow and success. Success loves speed! To help you avoid some of the most common entrepreneurial mistakes I have recorded a podcast giving you 10 of the most common reasons YOU MAY NOT be making money fast enough.   1-    Searching external gratification 2-    Not committing fully to…

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Kids back, Holidays over… How to RETURN and get back on track!

Hoping my listeners feel energised, or like me maybe a little frazzled after their summer vacations? In this episode, I share the importance of; Re-Setting your VISION Re-Centering your DREAM CLIENTS RE-Balancing your BUSINESS MODEL   Letting go of Mummy guilt, how to GET BACK on track! What not to do, ie go straight into…

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Letting your VISION lead the way for ultimate success!

It’s easy to share what brings us into alignment, and what rewards us with immediate results. But what if you don’t SEE what’s not divinely aligned? This episode shares 5 ways to lead with clear VISION – Make sure you’re doing these daily in your business. They are not to be ignored!!!   1 –…

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