Mentoring you in a sacred space, we empower and enable each other, creating your Divine Feminine Business Masterpiece.

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Femme Spiritpreneur ~ Awakened Women Business Leader

Are you a spiritual entrepreneur a Digital Nomad? The chances are if you’re reading this you are! A ‘femme spiritpreneur’ my definition is an Awakened Women Business Leader “The darker we fall, the higher our wings fly, the higher we rise“ K Vikings Our businesses are shifting too, universally, cosmic shifts are happening to us…

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EVERY Online Business Owner Must… Learn The Power of Social Media to grow a Successful Online Business

EVERY Online Business Owner Must… Learn The Power of Social Media to grow a Successful Online Business & it begins with GROWING your Audience! Building an online business is NOT for everyone, although many try it, especially since our planet experienced such a shift to the way we enjoy life and design our lives and…

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When Patterns are broken… New Worlds emerge

As we step into February 2022 Can you feel a calling, a deeper pull within your heart and mind’s eye to assist humanity and influence earths calling… I have felt this more than ever as we hit a 2 month, February. This is without a doubt going to be a month of heightened sensitivity and…

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a journey of self discovery quotes

Fear – Don’t let it STOP you or keep you STUCK in your business….

You have BIG dreams and a BIG vision for 2022. Don’t allow FEAR to stop you! I was guided to open up the conversations and thoughts this week surrounding FEAR. So many entrepreneurs and business owners, especially women in business don’t even see it, FEAR is a sneaky little thing that has a huge impact…

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self discovery course

Your Aligned VISION

Seeing the Invisible – Your Vision  What is your driving force, your purpose, your WHY? I genuinely wish that every business leader could be crystal clear and articulate what their vision is for their life and business. I ask myself constantly, WHAT is it that stops them? Fear of not achieving everything their heart desires?…

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