Mentoring you in a sacred space, we empower and enable each other, creating your Divine Feminine Business Masterpiece.

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External Chaos Invites us to ‘New Earth Leadership’

When something is “not right” energetically anymore in our life, it starts making us feel very uncomfortable. Things go haywire and life prods and pokes us, asking us how much more we can take? It could be a relationship, a career path, related to family or health – any area of life. Often at first,…

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The Truth-Seekers call to Adventure, Explore & Lead Boldly

Sagittarius season is upon us – Sagittarius is the truth-seeker, truth-speaker, the unafraid adventurer and explorer of the Zodiac. There has never been a better time to step into Divine Alignment® your life’s purpose and mission connected with your New Earth Business®!  Or indeed, you may be at the point of hearing the call to…

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What happens when New Earth Leaders receive Spiritual Activation? 

Something is in the air this week, can you feel it? Can you feel the rapid pace of change we are going through as human bodies of consciousness this week? Certainly my own experience was to receive upgrades in the form of light codes, new symbols, a new level of psychic energies and symptoms of…

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What I saw at St Nectan’s Waterfall, Cornwall.

St Nectan’s Waterfall, Cornwall. What’s to be expected at this enchanting world of St Nectans Glen? How spiritual, sacred is this unspoilt, hidden, area of outstanding beauty in Cornwall? I am sharing my own personal experience, which for the record is like ‘nothing’ else ever. I live just over 6 miles away and have never…

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Super Moon – Full Moon Rituals to Supercharge your Life!

This is a channelled message, still potent from the 8:8 Infinite portal of Heightened Power & Personal Sovereignty. Along with some wonderful tips for this gorgeous Super Moon and how you can captivate and harness your energy. Super Full Moon in Aquarius Rebellious – Formidable – Sharp We may have felt a huge pull on…

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