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Being open to a life without FEAR or LACK…

Being open to a life without FEAR or LACK, is knowing when to ask for help and guidance, and TRUSTING in the today, now!


So much can change in 2 weeks, that’s for sure!!!
Take this as a reminder that you may feel your entire world spin, and like you are about to sink into a whirlpool of chaos… BUT sometimes the most brutal of moments in our lives, brings a surge of sweet VICTORY!


MY TIMELINE (A real time example)

25th Feb – I woke up insanely happy, walked in nature and felt so incredibly happy unknown to something that was another ‘Catalyst’ to the 2 weeks of events… My V.A left me, with no notice, days before my BIG long-awaited launch of my second Signature product. THIS was not good!

26th Feb – A grim reminder as today was a 3 YEAR anniversary of closing the doors to my previous company Clear Property. Where for 13 years I gave everything, only to lose it all. I have been able to move on, step forwards from what happened so publicly. However, it is a grave reminder of what can go wrong in business, and how fast things can change, how crucial it is to do our due diligence and how brutal judgement can be. The guilt, shame, suffering I have been able to heal and move on from leaves a scar, because I will never forget what it took to start, try again.

3rd March – WAR broke out in Ukraine. A power hungry, politician, dangerous and unpredictable is breaking out DEATH and more FEAR globally and to innocent people of both Ukraine, and Russia. These innocent children, families, people their lives tragically changed forever. The UNITY from masses of people opening their hearts and homes to refugees fleeing their countries.


These 3 KEY events took place, simultaneously and IF THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH, I went down a rabbit hole of darkness. I felt angry, disappointed, hurt, unworthy, I lacked trust, I felt tested, I felt a BIG energetic ball of everyone else’s energy too.

I had ringing ears, I was unable to focus, I felt distracted and drained, I was exhausted. I saw flares, stars in my eyes and slept for an entire day. It was BRUTAL. I then realised there was a HUGE frequency shift on Earth. Our planet was hit by an asteroid.

There were Solar Flares, that delivered powerful energetic pulses through our cosmic world, and I had seen them. I had received an ‘upgrade’. This was 7D light frequencies and my body was detoxing and receiving new energetic codes. Preparing mew for the unexpected, but what was right at this time. Not just for me, but for humanity.


I put my BIG launch to one side and STOPPED to;

Disconnect from social media. In fact switching off from pretty much everything *I didn’t even want clothes on, it was a real resist to anything material.

I took time to recalibrate. Had tough conversations. Removed more B.S and fake. I was leaning into feel discernment and what was I was being called upon.
I recognised when my ego came in and responded with grace. Testing me but seeing how spiritually I was advancing. I became very self-aware, and set appropriate boundaries, creating alignment and even more aligned action.


I realised I WAS NOT ALONE there were a few of us, stepping into a new level of darkness.

I questioned my choices and really listened to divine, trusting in what I was doing was for the betterment of me, and others.

‘In slipping into Darkness, we close off our ability to connect with our true gifts’ K Vikings 

I don’t mind taking one for the team, but F@ck Me it’s bloody hard at times!!!


It wasn’t until the 13th of March I felt my energy bounce back and a deeper connection from within return. I felt ignited and a HUGE wave of relief! Stepping away from the darkness, emerging into the light. Becoming open to a life, without fear. Letting go of all negativities, and what no longer serves you.

TRUSTING in our spiritual journey.

TRUSTING in our heart.

Knowing our very actions energetically align to our intentions and actions. Is incredibly powerful but we MUST ALSO sit in our present moment and not forget to create time to connect with this present moment of energy. Not the past, nor the future, right here and now!


14th March – The SUN it shines upon us all, lifting the darkness, the heavy, and allowing a natural pause for us all. The seasons are beginning to change, shift.

Naturally the energetic frequencies are lifting and for me it saw me identify the huge energetic clearing that had taken place within my very soul. Enabling me to enjoy that present moment and peace, fulfilment.


We all experience a PUSH & PULL between old and new worlds. Many of us are wide awake and stepping into our souls’ purpose. It is a journey of soul alignment and enlightenment.


Even greater levels of shifts from 3D to 5D worlds and for me acknowledging and trusting in my own unique calling, to support the ascension journey. Encouraging souls to shift from the Mind, Body to the Heart & Soul. Not allowing for our souls’ path to be limited by fear, societal conditioning.


My EGO said I couldn’t do this, why ME? Yet, in asking in those present moments for support from my spiritual teams, I connected to the deep knowing that this is my soul purpose and part to play in raising the vibration of humanity. However small that part was, it is essential we all step into our truth, find courage to act upon it.


The sun shines within us all, we are all moving, shifting, elevating frequencies.


Sometimes it takes that powerful catalyst of events to see what our role is, to TRUST in ourselves and our souls’ mission.
Stepping forwards with grace and compassion, is so important for us all. I hope for anyone who felt any similar experiences over these last few weeks you can now reflect, look back.

It may have felt forever brutal, the world and pressure may have or still feel hurting and heavy, you may feel gratitude in your hearts for Spring, celebrating Ostara, the Spring Equinox. We each have a choice, I don’t know about you, I choose LOVE every time.


I choose gods’ gracious divine light. Let’s each contribute to a journey of soul enlightenment and stepping into our heart space, collectively raising the frequency of humanity, and bringing the World Together.


If you want to read what my NEXT STEPS were, take a look.
As a Manifestor, in HD, I took no time to get activating…


A six-month journey of Collective Consciousness where we all contribute to a Higher Frequency and bringing the World Together. If you haven’t signed up, come and join us, this is going to be incredible!

Love & Blessings, Kelly xxx