Kelly Vikings is a pure channel, psychic. Inspiring & heart-led Business Leader, Mentor, Author & Podcaster. Creator of The Divine Business Code® & Divine Alignment®. Also Soul EnergeticsTM, Frequency CodesTM and Soul Business Success Framework®

Identifying with other women who too had overcome life’s setbacks. Kelly realised how impactful her work is and is committed to sharing her own inspirational story, the external success, to inside being lost, to loosing everything, overcoming deep anxiety, to rebuilding, and using her setbacks as the biggest come back!

Showing other women what’s really possible, in a world that's fragile yet full of limitless opportunities.

Kelly’s vision is to support inspired souls to activate their highest expression, their souls truth. To raise the frequency of each being and to support them to embody their spiritual Divine gifts and integrate them in all aspects of their world, incl their business. Kelly knows the power of this, not jut for each soul, but for humanity and our futures..

a journey of self discovery
be yourself and be successful

Kelly’s work


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    The Girls Who Refused to Quit
    A multiple times Amazon No 1 Best Seller Collaboration of stories, where Kelly shares her personal story.

    A multiple times Amazon No 1 Best Seller Kelly writes a fictional story of Witchery, Viking warrior love in another collaboration.


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“WOW what an amazing book! I can’t put it down.

Kelly is a truly gifted writer turning a business book into a magical journey. A must read” - S.J.P.

“This beautifully written book is not just another business book!

Written with raw honesty. truth and love, the author combines sound business principles with her real-life experience, guiding you to create a business that connects deeply with the heart and soul of who you are ” - J.D.

“WOW this is a book that goes beyond your normal business book!

This taps into you. I was hooked from the first moment! What I love is the workbook that you can download alongside this so you can truly align your business to you” - P.L.

It’s time to create your Divine Business Masterpiece

‘Secrets of The Divine Business Code’ is a collection of unique and powerful strategies,
which will awaken the extraordinary in your life and business, in a Connected, Heart Led, Intuitive, Aligned way.

An interactive mentorship experience that will eliminate self-doubt, fear, or frustrations.

Fuel clarity, confidence, and unwavering belief!

- Be the creator of your Supreme Destiny
- Master a deeper Connection to your Heart Space
- Illuminate your world with Divine Feminine, Authenticity and Love
- Serve through awakening your Divine Calling
- Deliver through Intuitive, Aligned, Energetic Expression
- Be the Magnet of Quantum Growth and Unlimited Success in your business

Secrets of The Divine Business Code has been channelled for intuitive, heart led, fiercely driven, enterprising soulpreneurs to successfully navigate a new online business world.

Utilising over 25 years of experience, Kelly Vikings works with women in business, showing her clients how to expand, grow, and scale their businesses.

Rising Warriors and Legacy creators, you will love the inspiration woven throughout!


Secrets of The Divine Business Code

Multiple times Amazon No.1 bestseller