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Are Unicorns Real – Trusting in The Magic

A Truth Beyond Illusion – Unleashing the Wild

‘Ray of Cosmos’


The ability to see, believe, and trust what isn’t in the physical world. 


What has the ability to present itself to you through the cosmos, multi-dimensional realms. 


Our physical body has energy centres that have powers beyond what we are naturally born to connect to. If we open our hearts, our souls to love and light, from our incarnation mine sits in The Garden of Eden, anything is possible and available to us.


Opening ourselves to experience the magic within ourselves, is a divine gift from the cosmos. Many of us hide or feel uncomfortable learning to trust in these gifts. Yet they are our natural souls calling and help us in so many incredible ways. 


As I sat on an old piece of timber, I opened, cleansed, and invited love and light into all my ascension chakra’s, submersing myself in sunshine and light codes, rays of glorious sunshine dancing on my shoulders, heaven. Deeply meditating, my mind dissolved and I began to see through my third eye. 


I was by the water’s edge, with open conservation lands, rolling open moors, going as far as my eyes could see. My energy expanding as far as it could to capture, re balance and re energise, in this space of natural beauty. Feeling blessed I pause in this glorious moment, totally at peace, in oneness. Dancing with Gaia – Earth’s heartbeat, and her energy captivating my every breath. When in came… 


‘A Ray of Cosmos’

A beautiful golden white ‘Pegasus’ representing spiritually – Power, Freedom & Wisdom. 

He filled my vision, a majestic visit from spirit. He was a direct connection to source, cord with the Holy Spirit. I could feel his strength and fortitude. 


He silently appears, his wings expanding and silently sharing their magical glory. Smelling like the fresh cut grass, his smell instantly connects me to Gaia and grounds me. My Earth Star chakra felt deeply rooted, and my Stella Gateway was alive, tingling and channelling immense energy. I had cold shivers down my back and the fronts of my arms and legs. 


In my meditation, I reached out to touch him, feeling his gentle heartbeat and warmth, he’s attuned with Gaia, and to my frequency and light codes, with an aura that is his own unique expression. I sensed his colour was a mix of gold and silver.


I also felt how gentle he is. His one but most precious gift is of Divine Unconditional Love, from the Garden of Eden, he shows me his purest of energy, he’s electric. His highest protection wraps around me, cleansing my soul instantly. He invites me to draw on his strength to lead others to a new world of love and light, wrapping me into his wings, I felt totally safe. 


I see the trust, connection we have is a bond that travels far beyond earth and flows across multi dimensions and over multi lifetimes. He encourages me with every sense of my body to connect to my highest energy, my soul’s greatest expression, to draw on our united energy, strength, and power. To lead others towards love and light in unity.


Ray of Cosmos is with me, my guide to activate heart & open powerful portals, here on earth and to other energetic beings to further understand and heighten my spiritual intelligence, for the greatest benefit of humanity. To help raise the frequency and heal our hearts. 


We together for now, have unity, and work of great importance to bring into the world.


He sees my inner child, and before I can say out loud I’m scared, this feels big… he says very clearly ‘do not be scared, you are born to paint a new world of love and light and lead a new world beyond illusion’ I knew he knew my thoughts, as I do his, without spoken words.

This is the power of opening our hearts to any possibility and strengthening, cleansing our spiritual pathway. I will continue to write about the things that are to some considerably woo.

To me it is god’s work to bring Love & Light to the world, and share my gifts, my own experiences through story. It may inspire you to open your heart and see what you receive.
My working with the cosmos, creatively and through grounded meditation over time is helping me, and Ray of Cosmos was a message from spirit to continue my soul calling and ascension journey and be the leader of Divine Love & Light. 


Maybe you would like to share your experience? Do feel free to reach out to me kelly@kellyvikings.com I love to hear your spiritual stories and other worldly experiences.

I am being called to share more of my spiritual knowledge and greater wisdom. It is unleashing the wild within me, it may feel scary, but it is honour to have our gifts and share them. We must do what we feel is right for each of us and feels aligned in our hearts.

Love Kelly xxx