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It's time to build your business, the Aligned Way

Kelly Vikings is The Divine Business Leader and Mentor.
NEW Earth Business® Strategist, Pure Channel, Psychic.

Kelly is a NEW Earth visionary, she sees truth beyond illusion,
her work is unworldly.

"The awakening of Consciousness is the next step for humanity"
Kelly is revolutionising the Business world, shifting evolution,
leading a NEW Earth Business® world.


Awakening heart led, soul inspired, spiritpreneurs to activate their soul’s highest vision.

Kelly’s dives into the heart of any businesses and draws out the Divine Magick that’s waiting to be birthed to the world. Guiding business owners, coaches and spiritual leaders to initiate and shift into their highest potentiality, so their energy is a powerful exchange for freedom, success and wealth.

Kelly creates a protective and sacred space. Anchoring souls' purpose, Divine Feminine, infusing deep nourishment for both soul and spiritual enlightenment.



Kelly is the creator of the signature programme Divine Alignment®

The creator of the NEW Earth Business® Academy

#1 Best Selling Author of Secrets of the Divine Business Code®

The host of ‘The Aligned Way’ Podcast. #5 Apple Podcast Charts G.B Entrepreneurship.

Drawing upon over 26 years’ experience in both the offline & online business world,
navigating both extreme highs & extreme lows she creates a powerful vortex, in which she
teaches her clients how to innovate, grow, and scale their businesses.



Kelly loves 'channelling' her creativity. All her work has been divinely guided and received from source. Kelly has studied Kuan Yin, Divine Feminine with Alana Fairchild, is a qualified Numerologist, qualified in Human Design & studying the Gene Keys, infusing all her Magick into her work.

Kelly lives Nr Boscastle, along the rugged North coastline of Cornwall in the Southwest of the UK. Kelly enjoys spending time with her partner, their teenage kids, and their rather crazy dog Floki!



beginning a journey of self discovery and reinvention


& brave

Kelly is The Divine Business Leader, NEW Earth Business Strategist, Published Author and Podcast Host. Speaking from her heart, with immense compassion, knowing only too well, how life & business can lead to multiple setbacks & losses, equally how they can lead to your biggest come backs & freedom!



& kind

Kelly shares her powerful story of considerable resilience, following extreme adversity & significant losses, through love & acceptance, from a position of innate knowing. Her past experiences are today invaluable resources which she so passionately shares

business support for female entrepreneurs
a word for being true to yourself


& energetic

Kelly’s greatest mission in life is to protect & empower business leaders. To inspire a deeper connection, an abundance of love & to help conscious leaders activate their divine feminine power & supreme potentiality



& knowledgeable

Kelly’s purpose is to empower women to create divine alignment in their heart, mind, body & soul. Peace, Joy & Balance!

Mentoring conscious leaders, coaches & spiritpreneurs. Connecting them to their unique souls goldprint. Supporting entrepreneurs to build their business The Aligned Way. Abundance, Freedom & Flexibility!

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