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She who connects with & trusts her divine feminine energy in business, is igniting her femme fire

Kelly Vikings is a deeply intuitive, inspiring Business Mentor.

Best selling Author, Speaker and Creator of the Divine Business Code®      & Divine Alignment®

Kelly founded 'Divine Feminine - Women in Business' an ever growing FB community, led by a panel of inspirational leaders

Kelly loves most 'channelling' her work. All received from divine source. Trusting and embodying the energetic alignment of numerology, astrology, akashic records and daily divination

Drawing upon over 25 years’ experience in both the offline & online business world, navigating both the extreme highs & extreme lows

Kelly creates a protective, sacred space, one of the highest energetic frequencies. Mentoring her clients to achieve Divine Alignment® connecting deeply with femme fire, elevating their life & business to the highest potentiality

Kelly is extremely passionate about enabling, women to claim their power. Building business the aligned way. Ready to receive all they desire, an abundance of Success, Wealth & Happiness

Kelly lives in Cornwall, along the rugged north coast, moments from Tintagel, in the Southwest of the UK. Enjoying her Divine Magick and all things divination. Kelly also enjoys spending time with her teenage kids and walking in Mother Nature with her Gemini ‘Twin Flame’ Martin and their slightly crazy dog Floki

beginning a journey of self discovery and reinvention


& brave

Kelly is The Divine Business Mentor, speaker & bestselling author, speaking from her heart with immense compassion, knowing only too well, how life & business can lead to multiple setbacks & losses, equally how they can lead to your biggest come backs!



& kind

Kelly shares her powerful story of considerable resilience, following extreme adversity & significant losses, through love & acceptance, from a position of innate knowing. Her past experiences are today invaluable resources which she so passionately shares.

business support for female entrepreneurs
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& energetic

Kelly’s greatest mission in life is to protect & empower women in business. To inspire a deeper connection, an abundance of love & to help women activate their divine feminine power.



& knowledgeable

Kelly’s purpose is to mentor high profile, driven & energetically aligned women in business. To connect them to their unique soul blueprint. Supporting them to build strong business foundations to support their journey discovering their truest, highest self & divine success.

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