22.2.22 ~ Power Day

Today we realise our TRUTH &

The eternal power of LOVE


As we honour the significance of this planetary powerful day.

I wanted to share something very special.


Last Wednesday the 16th Feb.

I channelled a short verse, which was asking my guides for the ‘Significance’ of my existence, now, in this lifetime?

This is what came through clearly, I thought it would be lovely to share this as my weekly blog & invite you do the same.

A blessing, and a reminder from Mother Earth to anyone reading this today.
There’s so much more than… our 9-5, or chasing material wealth, success driven by ego, or £, the pound signs.


Each of us has a calling, a purpose, that thing that ignites the fire within our soul.

This is your Destiny and the Significance of all  you’re becoming.

Today is a day to question your Significance.


Be BOLD, BRAVE find COURAGE to go really deep and connect with your heart, expand this to soul level and without hesitation or over thinking, what comes to you?

Please do, if you feel called, share yours with me. I would LOVE to feel you express your souls’ gifts today.

Email me kelly@kellyvikings.com


This is what my Significance is, it really took me beyond today, but feels aligned and beautiful just like the GIFT of Life and LOVE.


A Creatrix
Universal language of love
A feminine source of creative energy
Whispering Sacred knowledge from Divine source
A universal frequency of light and healing
Born to be a keeper, defender, protector of earthly wisdom
Deeply rooted within planet earth
A protector of planets
Enlightened energy that is both powerful and rising, and yet, gentle and forgiving
Wild & Free, Cyclical & Flowing
An infinite Source of courage and bravery
The lightness rebirth from darkness
Gives rise to Untruth, Injustice, and Unspoken Voices
My soul transmits its truest, purest, highest frequency of eternal LOVE


– Kelly Vikings 16.02.22


You see in this moment, I realised nothing matter more than LOVE, nothing was any more powerful than LOVE and LOVE will conquer all, it is more powerful than extreme FEAR.


I invite you to find time today to connect with all you are, all you are becoming.


Journal, even invite your guides to share your soul significance and free write, see what connects with you today.

For me today MARKS that brave, exponential step for many of us as we CHOOSE LOVE, we choose to step forwards trusting in our soul significance and we remove, release, and refine what has not and will not serve us.


It will take bravery, it will take courage and it will take ALL of you!

This begins with that eternal connection, leading with and from LOVE.


Love & Blessings,
Kelly Vikings