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my vision

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    ‘To empower women in business, to step into their Divine Ultimate Power

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empowering women in the workplace
women empowerment

my mission

To ensure every woman, from all corners of the world… Connects with her cosmic heart, ignites her Divine Ultimate Power, to evoke blissful Divine Alignment® 

Creating alignment, focussed flow and greater abundance in their lives.

Teaching conscious enterprises, leaders to build their business a new way.

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finding inner peace and strength



divine purpose definition

Divine Strategy An Energetic Business Roadmap

women empowerment activities finding your inner strength

Divine Alignment For Conscious Leaders of LOVE & LIGHT

divine life purpose and soul mission

The Vikings Formula Alignment Strategy Energetics


Secrets of The Divine Business Code

Multiple times Amazon No.1 bestseller






Everything begins with connection

Connecting with self, discovering the real essence of who we truly are, stepping into our truth, working intuitively, creating divine alignment® in our internal & external worlds, a powerful catalyst elevating our life, business & spiritual ascension

fulfilling a divine purpose
divine business support

my brand values

Kelly V Brand Values

my promise


1 - I promise to always serve from a place of Truth & Compassion
2 - I will always lead with Love, Equality & Inclusion
3 - When serving my clients, I promise to create a protected sacred space
4 - Connection, Collaboration & Contribution are at the heart of business growth
5 - I will always pay it forwards, offering scholarships to my clients. A step towards building a lasting legacy that supports those who are facing or have faced extreme adversity or business losses